Author Cheang, Audrey Poh Geok
Title The development of Netball in Singapore.
Institute Thesis (M.Sc.) (Exercise and Sports Science) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Year 2004
Supervisor Aplin, Nick
Call no. GV889.6 Che
Studies of sport in Singapore rarely examine the development of individual sports associations, or attempt to identify how the members successfully coordinate their actions to create a viable organization. To become a well-managed and vibrant women's sports association necessitate its leaders' ability to deal with contextual issues as they emerged.

This study examined the development of netball in Singapore. It focused on the years after 1962, when the body organizing the sport was officially registered as an association. Netball's rise to the pre-eminent women's sport in Singapore has been based on the decision-making skills of the women in the sport.

The scarcity on research and the limited availability of written documents pertaining to netball in Singapore constrained the method of inquiry. The context necessitated an approach that relied on analysis of existing and newly generated information. Using criterion sampling, the researcher initially identified three officials as key participants, who served the netball association over the 40 years history. These women were in decision-making positions for the programmes and events for the sport in that period.

This study suggests that the key factors in successfully expanding the local interest in a women's team sport are competent leadership competent leadership skill, namely recognizing, seizing and creating opportunities to enhance the sport's image and to develop an accurate sense of timing of the appropriate actions.