Author Chan, Rosalie Hsueh Li
Title Coastline changes and impacts: a case study of East Coast Park.

Academic Exercise (B.A. Hons.) (English Language) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University

Year 2003
Supervisor Teh, Tiong Sa
Call no. GB451.2 Cha

This micro-study is aimed at examining coastline changes and impacts of coastline retreat with different sea-level rise scenarios at the five bays that straddles Areas F and G, from Headland breakwaters 19 to 24 of the East Coast Park, Singapore. The study has used Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) data collected from the field work and employed qualitative and quantitative data analysis to identify the changes in the coastline and for impact assessment

The results show coastline retreat is evident in all the five bays for medium-term coastline changes with an overall rate of -0.29 mlyr. The possible extent of biophysical and socio-economic impacts resulting from worst-case scenario of sea level rise of 5cm and l0cm causing a projected retreat of 5m and 10m has been assessed in this micro-study. Under 'a do-nothing scenario', the total estimated economic costs of 5-metres and 10-metres coastline retreat are $891.2 million and S$115.9 million respectively. The economic costs are high and more importantly, the loss of recreational space is something that land-scarce Singapore can ill-afford.

The development of this baseline data set and modeling of sea-level rise scenarios are intended to help confirm prior field observations of erosion, update the estimated rates of coastline changes and develop a protocol to track future coastline change which can be a means of devising future management strategies for the park.