Author Kumar, Shurin
Title To motivate and implement active learning to students who are surface learners to deep learners

Project report (PGDipThe)--National Institute of Education

Year 1995
Supervisor Chang, Agnes Shook Cheong
Call no. LB1060 Kum

Nursing skill classes are where nursing students learn, observe and practise the various procedures which they will eventually cany out in the hospitals. To cany out these procedures proficiently, students need understand the purpose, the principles, related factors associated before and after these procedures are camed out. To establish all these, students need to understand in depth what has been mentioned above. Students need to adopt a deep approach, so that they would be able to carry out these procedures realising the consequences in depth. Students who adopt a surface approach, would have trouble understanding the consequences in depth. These I have observed in the 93/94 nursing cohort, who are presently in their second year. These students, I have notices in the hospital when they are second years and during the nursing skill assessments when they were first years, have a very poor understanding of what they were doing in the hospital and performing during their skill assessment. When I talked to them, most of them mentioned they study what need to studied just to pass their exams. It is because of this that I decided motivate and implement active learning to the 94/95 nursing cohorts, who are surface learners to deep learners.