Author Wong, Joon Hwang
Title A critical edition of Percy Aldridge Grainger's Jungle Book Cycle (text setting: Rudyard Kipling)
Institute Thesis (Ph.D.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Year 2010
Supervisor Dairianathan, Eugene
Call no. ML410.G75 Won

The spirit of protest is a powerful driving force in many of Grainger’s most important compositions… and this creative potency seems to have gathered strength as he grew older.
—John Bird, Percy Grainger

For (George) Percy (Aldridge) Grainger (1882–1961), his choral work Jungle Book Cycle (1898–1958) is one of the most significant accomplishments. He proudly announced, "My Kipling Jungle Book Cycle begin [sic] in 1898 and finished in 1947, was composed as a protest against civilisation."

However, based on the dates found in some of the handwritten manuscripts, it is evident that this work took him almost sixty years to complete, virtually his entire compositional life. After his death in 1961, it took almost more than 10 years before a publication about him and his work was found. In recent years,
much interest has been generated to the study of Grainger’s life and music. However, research into his work is in its early stage.

This thesis comprises two volumes:

Volume I consists of a comprehensive historical introduction to the work. A chronology of the Jungle Book Cycle detailed the development and the original manuscripts of the 11 movements. For scholarly purposes, the commentary contains details of the various sources and the edition itself: the manuscripts, parts affected and bars involved are all given to facilitate further examination.Cross-references to other parts of the work are also included where necessary.

Volume II consists of my own edition of the Jungle Book Cycle. I have also appended a critical commentary to the scores, which supplements performance guidance with research materials for conductors and performers.

This volume is the realisation of the compressed score with the aid of Finale software.