Author Law, Janet Siew Poh
Title Impact of kidsREAD on at-risk children from low-income families
Institute Thesis (M.Ed.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Year 2012
Supervisor Chia, Noel
Call no. LB1050.5 Law

This study reports an evaluation of a community-based reading programme kidsREAD. Children (N=186) aged between 4 and 8 of different ethnic groups from 12 reading clubs were exposed to one hour of reading intervention facilitated by trained volunteers at various locations. For a year, volunteers read aloud stories to children once a week in groups not bigger than 30 before breaking them up into smaller groups to engage them in a variety of other reading-related activities. Paired t-tests and intercorrelation analyses were conducted on and among variables to establish the significance of the effect, and examine how each of these could influence or affect the others. There were significant improvements in use of English language, individual participation and peer interaction, and reading skills at post-programme evaluation. Effect size analyses confirmed that the intervention had a significant impact on literacy at post-test. Results from the analysis showed that the reading success for the programme evaluated can be summed up in the equation: RgA => 
[(UEL)(PAI)(RS)] => RgS.