Author Liu, Fen
Title Lyrics in early and high Tang.
Institute Thesis (M.A.) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Year 2004
Supervisor Yan, Shoucheng
Call no. PL2548 L58
Quci, the lyrics conceived in Yan music which was popular in the Tang dynasty, can be divided into two categories, namely, the uniform and the non-uniform. Regarding the creation of these lyrics and their relationship with music, there have been some researches but systematic studies, especially of those in the period of Early and High Tang, during which these lyrics came into being, are still lacking. The purpose of this thesis, therefore, is to delve into the number, authorship, content, way of composing, style, aesthetics, etc. of those lyrics and furthermore make a comparison between the two categories. It can be seen through the comparison that the two genres of lyrics happened almost simultaneously; while the uniform lyrics was flourishing, the non-uniform also developed to a considerable degree. Moreover, it is found that the style, aesthetic features and so on of the two are quite different; they developed independently. Finally although both genres of Tang lyrics were evidently influenced by Yan music, only the non-uniform one was the direct product, and represented the rhythm and esprit, of this new style of music characteristic of Tang culture. On the other hand, it is essentially in the uniform lyric that we can see how the poets of Early and High Tang pursued the beauty of regulated poetry.