Author Yeo, Lina Chiaw Ling
Title A formative evaluation for a web-enabled orientation programme.
Institute Thesis (M.A.) (Instructional Design and Technology) National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Year 2000
Call no. HF5549.5.T7 Yeo
Changes in information technology (IT) are making a profound impact on our lives.  Especially in the area of training, where computer based training is becoming a popular and useful instructional medium for a number of reasons.  Such reasons, can only exist from thoughtful design and use of technology, like those listed below :
  • Flexible, independent study;
  • Learner-controlled progress as students set their own learning pace;
  • Adaptive, learner-controlled organisation of learning activities;
  • Direct student involvement in various learning activities;
  • Systematic practice through simulations (not just reading text and answering questions)
  • Immediate feedback on performance, knowledge and understanding;
  • Enhanced enjoyment and motivation provided by engaging learning activities.

This study aims to identify the areas for improvement on a web-enabled computer based training (CBT) package, also known as the object of evaluation, based on the design elements which determine a quality CBT package.  The method of evaluation utilises observation and interview techniques during the formative evaluation phase of the instructional design process.  To confirm the findings of the qualitative analysis, a quantitative evaluation was also performed using the results obtained from a questionnaire.

Findings from both the qualitative and quantitative perspective showed that the participants ranked the design elements of the object of evaluation, in the following order (from most effective to least effective): multimedia, learning aids and resource materials, screen layout, feedback, instructional strategy, navigation, and interactivity.

In summary, in order to ensure that the above listed benefits for computer based training are evident, quality design elements must be integrated in the development of computer based training products.