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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Acute effects of Square Stepping Exercise on cognitive and social functions in sedentary young adults: A home-based online trialKawabata, Masato ; Gan, Su Ren; Goh, Gint; Siti Aisha Omar; Oh, Ivan Teng Fong; Wee, Wan Qi; Okura, Tomohiro
2017Advancement of the subjective vitality scale: Examining alternative measurement models for Japanese and SingaporeansKawabata, Masato ; Yamazaki, Fumie; Guo, Deborah W.; Chatzisarantis, Nikos
2021Breakfast and exercise improve academic and cognitive performance in adolescentsKawabata, Masato ; Lee, Kerry; Choo, Hui-Cheng; Burns, Stephen Francis 
2016Breakfast and exercise influence academic performance in adolescentsBurns, Stephen Francis ; Kawabata, Masato ; Lee, Kerry
2014The coaching behavior scale for sport: Factor structure examination for Singaporean youth athletesKoh, Koon Teck ; Kawabata, Masato ; Mallett, Clifford
2022Comparison of in vivo Intradiscal pressure between sitting and standing in human lumbar spine: A systematic review and meta-analysisLi, Jia-Qi; Kwong, Wai-Hang; Chan, Yuk-Lam; Kawabata, Masato 
2015Developing and evaluating utility of school-based intervention programs in promoting leisure-time physical activity: An application of the theory of planned behaviorChatzisarantis, Nikos; Kamarova, Sviatlana; Kawabata, Masato ; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Hagger, Martin S.
2022Developing nutrition knowledge and attitude measures for athletes with the knowledge-attitude-behavior modelTeo, Cheryl Jia Hui; Burns, Stephen Francis ; Kawabata, Masato 
2022Does time fly when you engage more? Effort intensity moderates the relationship between affect and time perceptionKawabata, Masato ; Chatzisarantis, Nikos
2018Effect of post-exercise massage on passive muscle stiffness measured using myotonometry: A double-blind studyKong, Pui Wah ; Chua, Yao H.; Kawabata, Masato ; Burns, Stephen Francis ; Cai, Congcong
2020Effects of school-based intervention programmes in promoting moderate to vigorous physical activity during leisure time.Kawabata, Masato ; Chatzisarantis, Nikos
2020Evolving the validity of a mental toughness measure: Refined versions of the Mental Toughness Questionnaire‚Äź48Kawabata, Masato ; Pavey, Toby G.; Coulter, Tristan J.
2017An exploratory analysis of variations in quiet eye duration within and between levels of expertiseChia, Jingyi Shannon; Chow, Jia Yi ; Kawabata, Masato ; Dicks, Matt; Lee, Marcus
2021Exploring the dimensions of movement-specific reinvestment from personal characteristics perspectivesKawabata, Masato ; Imanaka, Kuniyasu
 2022Information and communication technology as an enabler for implementing nonlinear pedagogy in physical education: Effects on students' exploration and motivationKomar, John ; Chow, Jia Yi ; Kawabata, Masato ; Choo, Corliss Zhi Yi
2020A multiple mediation analysis of the association between asynchronous use of music and running performanceKawabata, Masato ; Chua, Khai Leng
2021Perception of boredom in physical education lessons: What factors are associated with students' boredom experiences?Lye, Chiew Min; Kawabata, Masato 
2021Physical activity levels in physical education lessons at Singapore primary schoolNur Syahida Jamaluddin; Kawabata, Masato 
2018A school-based intervention program in promoting leisure-time physical activity: Trial protocolKawabata, Masato ; Chua, Khai Leng; Chatzisarantis, Nikos
2022Short-term effects of square stepping exercise on cognitive and social functions in sedentary older adults: A home-based online trialGan, Su Ren; Low, Kimmy; Okura, Tomohiro; Kawabata, Masato