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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020An actor network analysis of libraries as informal learning environmentsLoh, Chin Ee ; Nichols, Sue Mary
2023"Because I have my phone with me all the time": The role of device access in developing Singapore adolescents' critical news literacyLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi ; Weninger, Csilla 
2023`Because I'm always moving': A mobile ethnography study of adolescent girls' everyday print and digital reading practicesLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi ; Lim, Fei Victor 
2015Building a reading culture in a Singapore school: Identifying spaces for change through a socio-spatial approachLoh, Chin Ee 
2020Building a reading culture: A nationwide study of reading and school libraries in six secondary schools.Loh, Chin Ee 
2017Building a successful reading culture through the school library: A case study of a Singapore secondary schoolLoh, Chin Ee ; Ellis, Mary; Paculdar, Agnes; Wan, Zhong Hao
2010Challenging texts: Reading nation and world: Cultivating culturally and critically reflexive readersLoh, Chin Ee ; Thomas, P. L.
2018Change and continuity in the Singapore Literature-In-English curriculumLoh, Chin Ee 
2020Children and adolescents’ reading in print and digitallyLoh, Chin Ee 
2020Cognitive diagnostic assessment system (CoDiAS) for Singapore’s secondary schools: Toward individualized learning and assessment in language education.Aryadoust, Vahid ; Loh, Chin Ee 
2017Creating reading and learning spaces in our school librariesLoh, Chin Ee 
2020Cultural capital, habitus and reading futures: Middle-class adolescent students’ cultivation of reading dispositions in SingaporeLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi 
Mar-2011Cultural crossings and tactical readings: Singaporean adolescent boys constructing flexible literate identities in a globalized worldLoh, Chin Ee 
2020Design patterns for school libraries: A preliminary report of the Building a Reading Culture Study 2019Loh, Chin Ee 
2020Design thinking for school libraries: A case studyElia M. Hamarian; Loh, Chin Ee 
2020Developing a future-ready school library collection for adolescentsLoh, Chin Ee 
2021Developing future-ready school libraries through design thinking: A case studyLoh, Chin Ee ; Elia M. Hamarian; Lim, Lisa Yu Qi; Lim, Qianwei; Ng, Skyler Ynn Zee
2019Discipline and desire in spaces of readingLoh, Chin Ee ; Heng, Terence; Wan, Zhong Hao
2020Do girls read differently from boys? Adolescents and their gendered reading habits and preferencesLoh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi ; Majid, Shaheen
2021The effect of the COVID-19 lockdown on bilingual Singaporean children's leisure readingSun, Baoqi ; Loh, Chin Ee ; O'Brien, Beth A. ; Silver, Rita