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2022Comparison of STEM, non-STEM, and mixed-disciplines pre-service teachers' early conceptions about computational thinkingHuang, Wendy; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Yeter, Ibrahim H. 
Apr-2023Conceptualization of biomimicry in engineering context among undergraduate and high school students: An international interdisciplinary explorationYeter, Ibrahim H. ; Tan, Valerie Si Qi; Ferrand, Hortense Le
2021Engineering Pedagogy Scale (EPS): Preliminary development of an observational instrument to detect elementary teachers' level of Engineering-Pedagogical Content Knowledge (E-PCK)(Fundamental)Yeter, Ibrahim H. 
 2022Investigating ethics in an undergraduate design thinking project: The Stanford EDIPT framework approach in Southeast AsiaShamita Venkatesh; Fong, Eileen Wenmei; Yeter, Ibrahim H. 
2023Learning data science in elementary school mathematics: A comparative curriculum analysisOw-Yeong, Yook Kit; Yeter, Ibrahim H. ; Farhan Ali 
 2021A literature overview of differences between engineering education and other disciplinary educationVan den Bogaard, Maartje; Yeter, Ibrahim H. ; Strobel, Johannes
 2023Making a Makerspace for children: A mixed-methods study in Chinese kindergartensXiang, Sixuan; Yang, Weipeng; Yeter, Ibrahim H. 
2021A proposal for performance-based assessment of the learning of machine learning concepts and practices in K-12von Wangenheim, Christiane Gresse; da Cruz Alves, Nathalia; Rauber, Marcelo F.; Hauck, Jean C. R.; Yeter, Ibrahim H. 
2022Retrieval practices enhance computational and scientific thinking skillsYasar, Osman; Maliekal, Jose; Veronesi, Peter; Little, Leigh; Meise, Michael; Yeter, Ibrahim H.