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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021At the intersection of educational change and borrowing: Teachers implementing learner-centred education in SingaporeHeng, Tang Tang ; Song, Lynn
2018Chinese international students’ advice to incoming Chinese freshmen: Involving students in conversations with them, not about themHeng, Tang Tang 
2020“Chinese students themselves are changing”: Why we need alternative perspectives of Chinese international studentsHeng, Tang Tang 
2018Coping strategies of Chinese international undergraduates in response to challenges in U.S. collegesHeng, Tang Tang 
2016Different is not deficient: Contradicting stereotypes of Chinese international students in US higher educationHeng, Tang Tang 
2021Differentiated instruction: Ten teachers’ implementation in SingaporeHeng, Tang Tang 
2021Diversity, difference, equity: How student differences are socially constructed in SingaporeHeng, Tang Tang ; Lim, Leonel Tze-Wei 
2020Examining the role of theory in qualitative research: A literature review of studies on Chinese international students in higher educationHeng, Tang Tang 
2018Exploring the complex and non-linear evolution of Chinese international students’ experiences in USA collegesHeng, Tang Tang 
2020Exploring the link between assessment and differentiated instructionHeng, Tang Tang ; Song, Lynn
2022Intersections of identity and status in international students′ perceptions of culturally engaging campus environmentsGlass, Chris R.; Heng, Tang Tang ; Hou, Minghui
2023Lessons on educational borrowing and change: Teachers' implementation of differentiated instruction in SingaporeHeng, Tang Tang 
2014The nature of interactions between Chinese immigrant families and preschool staff: How culture, class, and methodology matterHeng, Tang Tang 
2020A proposed framework for understanding educational change and transfer: Insights from Singapore teachers' perceptions of differentiated instructionHeng, Tang Tang ; Song, Lynn
2020The role of theory in qualitative research: Insights from studies on Chinese international students in higher education.Heng, Tang Tang 
2011Sociocultural misalignments faced by preschool Chinese emergent bilinguals: A case studyHeng, Tang Tang 
2021Socioculturally attuned understanding of and engagement with Chinese international undergraduatesHeng, Tang Tang 
 2022Supporting (Chinese) international students' academic and social needs in socioculturally attuned waysHeng, Tang Tang 
2019"This game is an eye-opener": The power of simulation gamesHeng, Tang Tang ; Song, Lynn
2019Understanding the heterogeneity of international students’ experiences: A case study of Chinese international students in U.S. universitiesHeng, Tang Tang