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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Anti-Ramsey numbers for trees in complete multi-partite graphsZhang, Meiqiao; Dong, F. M. 
Nov-2008Bounds for the real zeros of chromatic polynomialsDong, F. M. ; Koh, Khee Meng
2012A characterisation of cycle-disjoint graphs with unique minimum weakly connected dominating setKoh, Khee Meng; Ting, T. S.; Dong, F. M. 
2011Chromatic roots of a ring of four cliquesDong, F. M. ; Royle, Gordon; Wagner, Dave
2004Chromatically unique multibridge graphsDong, F. M. ; Teo, Kee Leong; Little, Charles H. C.; Hendy, Michael; Koh, Khee Meng
2022Counting spanning trees in a complete bipartite graph which contain a given spanning forestDong, F. M. ; Ge, Jun
2021DP color functions versus chromatic polynomialsDong, F. M. ; Yang, Yan
2022Express the number of spanning trees in term of degreesDong, F. M. ; Ge, Jun; Ouyang, Zhangdong
2018From G-parking functions to B-parking functionsDong, F. M. 
2004Graph-functions associated with an edge-propertyDong, F. M. ; Hendy, Michael; Teo, Kee Leong; Little, Charles H. C.
Mar-2023An improved lower bound of P (G, L) - P (G, k) for k - assignments LDong, F. M. ; Zhang, Meiqiao
2010Lower bound on the weakly connected domination number of a cycledisjoint graphKoh, Khee Meng; Ting, T. S.; Xu, Z. L.; Dong, F. M. 
May-2006Mathematical problem solving for integrated programme studentsTay, Eng Guan ; Quek, Khiok Seng; Dong, F. M. ; Lee, Tuo Yeong; Lim-Teo, Suat Khoh; Toh, Tin Lam ; Ho, Foo Him
2021The maximal 1-planarity and crossing numbers of graphsOuyang, Zhangdong; Huang, Yuanqiu; Dong, F. M. 
2019New expressions for order polynomials and chromatic polynomialsDong, F. M. 
2022New upper bounds for the crossing numbers of crossing-critical graphsDing, Zhongpeng; Ouyang, Zhangdong; Huang, Yuanqiu; Dong, F. M. 
2017A note on distance spectral radius of treesWang, Yanna; Xing, Rundan; Zhou, Bo; Dong, F. M. 
2006On graphs having no chromatic zeros in (1, 2)Dong, F. M. ; Koh, Khee Meng
2015On graphs having no flow roots in the Interval (1, 2)Dong, F. M. 
2018On graphs whose flow polynomials have real roots onlyDong, F. M.