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2011Applying an iMVT pedagogy to address student learning difficulties in forcesZhang, BaohuiSun, DanerFoong, See KitYe, XiaoxuanJunaidah binti JaffarHussein Topiwala
Jul-2012Bridging design and practice: Towards a model-based collaborative inquiry science learning environmentSun, DanerLooi, Chee-KitZhang, Baohui
2014Collaborative inquiry with a web-based science learning environment: When teachers enact it differentlySun, DanerLooi, Chee-KitXie, Wenting
2014Design for scalability: From a class intervention to a level interventionLooi, Chee-KitSeow, Peter Sen KeeChia, GeanKim, Mi SongWong, Lung HsiangSun, Daner
2017Designing boundary activity for mobile learning in science inquirySun, DanerLooi, Chee-Kit
2012Designing for model progression to facilitate students' science learningSun, DanerLooi, Chee-Kit
2014Enacting a technology-based science curriculum across a grade level: The journey of teachers’ appropriationLooi, Chee-KitSun, DanerSeow, Peter Sen KeeChia, Gean
2013Exploring teacher interventions in collaborative inquiry with a science learning environmentKe, Justin KaijieSun, DanerLooi, Chee-KitTeo, Evelyn Yi Leng
2017Focusing a mobile science learning process: Difference in activity participationSun, DanerLooi, Chee-Kit
2014Implementing mobile learning curricula in a grade level: Empirical study of learning effectiveness at scaleLooi, Chee-KitWu, LongkaiSun, DanerSeow, Peter Sen KeeChia, GeanSoloway, ElliotNorris, CathyWong, Lung Hsiang
2013Learning with collaborative inquiry: A science learning environment for secondary school studentsSun, DanerLooi, Chee-KitTeo, Evelyn Yi Leng
2014Status of integrated science instruction in junior secondary schools in China: An exploratory studySun, DanerWang, Zu HaoXie, Wen TingBoon, Chirn Chye