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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Flexibility, stability, and adaptability of team playing style as key determinants of within-season performance in footballHe, Qixiang; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Komar, John 
 2022Implementation of the gradual release of responsibility informed curriculum and pedagogy for teaching programming: Action research based on a course for sport science studentsChuang, Kuo-Liang; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Chen, Hsiu Hui
2014An investigation of a formalized mentoring program for novice basketball coachesKoh, Koon Teck ; Bloom, Gordon A.; Fairhurst, Katherine E.; Paiement, Dominique M.; Kee, Ying Hwa 
2022Key considerations in the week-to-week forecasting of individual match actions in footballHe, Qixiang; Komar, John ; Kee, Ying Hwa 
2022Making bite-sized revision painless through the SymphoNIE appKee, Ying Hwa ; Mukherjee, Swarup 
2019Mindfulness and its relevance for sports coaches adopting nonlinear pedagogyKee, Ying Hwa 
2022Mindfulness in schools: Global research on child outcomes and local perceptions, practices, and needsKhng, Kiat Hui ; Li, Chunxiao; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Tan, Ser Hong
2012Mindfulness, movement control, and attentional focus strategies: Effects of mindfulness on a postural balance taskKee, Ying Hwa ; Chatzisarantis, Nikos; Kong, Pui Wah ; Chow, Jia Yi ; Chen, Lung Hung
2020A motivation profile analysis of Malay students in SingaporeLiu, Woon Chia ; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Kang, Heon Jin; Kee, Ying Hwa 
2018Motivations for volunteering and its associations with time perspectives and life satisfaction: A latent profile approachKee, Ying Hwa ; Li, Chunxiao; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Muhammad Idzhar Kailani
2018Physical education pedagogy senses a changeChow, Jia Yi ; Kee, Ying Hwa 
2018Physical inactivity and activity patterns among Taiwanese secondary studentsKee, Ying Hwa ; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Chen, M. H.; Saravana Pillai Arjunan
2020Physiological workload, musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunctions amongst physical education teachers in Singapore schools—A prospective investigation.Mukherjee, Swarup ; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Muhammad Ridhuan Johari
Jul-2013The power of now: Brief mindfulness induction led to increased randomness of clicking sequenceKee, Ying Hwa ; Chaturvedi, Iti; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Chen, Lung Hung
2021Predicting effects of ADHD symptoms and mindfulness on smartphone overuse in athletes: A basic psychological needs perspectiveLi, Chunxiao; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Zhang, Chun-Qing; Fan, Rong
2022Problematic mobile phone use among youth athletes: A topic modelling approachOng, Nathanael Chong Hao; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Jeevita S. Pillai; Lim, Harry Ban Teck; Chua, Joshua H. E.
2019Reflections on athletes’ mindfulness skills development: Fitts and Posner’s (1967) three stages of learningKee, Ying Hwa 
2006Relationship between mindfulness and the propensity of individuals to experience flowKee, Ying Hwa 
2019Scoping review of mindfulness research: A topic modelling approachKee, Ying Hwa ; Li, Chunxiao; Kong, Leng Chee; Tang, Crystal Jieyi; Chuang, Kuo-Liang
2016Silver lining winning silver: An exploratory study of supporters’ reaction and coping on the social media towards Lee Chong Wei’s London Olympics defeatKee, Ying Hwa ; Fry, Joan Marian; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Chong, Yek Wei; Li, Chunxiao