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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Associations between parent attitudes and on- and off-screen behaviours of preschool children in SingaporeChia, Michael ; Komar, John ; Chua, Terence Buan Kiong; Tay, Lee Yong
2019Between exploitation and exploration of motor behaviours: Unpacking the constraints-led approach to foster nonlinear learning in physical educationKomar, John ; Potdevin, François; Chollet, Didier; Seifert, Ludovic
2021Can a good break shot determine the game outcome in 9-ball?Pan, Jingwen; Komar, John ; Sng, Shawn Bing Kai; Kong, Pui Wah 
2021Clustering analysis of movement kinematics in reinforcement learningAnanda Sidarta; Komar, John ; Ostry, David J.
2022Contextualizing physical data in professional handball: Using local positioning systems to automatically define defensive organizationsGuignard, Brice; Karcher, Claude; Reche, Xavier; Font, Roger; Komar, John 
2023Creativity is contextual: A narrative review of motor creativity tests from an ecological perspectiveLee, Yi-Shin; Iodice, Pierpaolo; Komar, John 
2023A deep dive into the use of local positioning system in professional handball: Automatic detection of players’ orientation, position and game phases to analyse specific physical demandsLefevre, Thomas; Guignard, Brice; Reche, Xavier; Font, Roger; Komar, John 
2022The ecological dynamics framework: An innovative approach to performance in extreme environments: A narrative reviewSeifert, Ludovic; Hacques, Guillaume; Komar, John 
2019Effect of mechanical horse practice as new postural training in patients with neurological disorders: A pilot studyBaillet, Heloise; Leroy, David; Verin, Eric; Delpouve, Claire; Benguigui, Nicolas; Komar, John ; Thouvarecq, Regis
2020Effects of practice on a mechanical horse with an online feedback on performing a sitting postural coordinationBaillet, Heloise; Leroy, David; Verin, Eric; Delpouve, Claire; Boulanger, Jeremie; Benguigui, Nicolas; Komar, John ; Thouvarecq, Regis
2020Exploring to learn and learning to exploreHacques, Guillaume; Komar, John ; Dicks, Matt; Seifert, Ludovic
2022Flexibility, stability, and adaptability of team playing style as key determinants of within-season performance in footballHe, Qixiang; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Komar, John 
2023Functional adaptability in playing style: A key determinant of competitive football performanceHe, Qixiang; Araujo, Duarte; Davids, Keith; Kee, Ying Hwa ; Komar, John 
2022Influence of expertise level on techniques of applying top and back spins in cue sportsPan, Jingwen; Komar, John ; Yang, Chen; Kong, Pui Wah 
 2022Information and communication technology as an enabler for implementing nonlinear pedagogy in physical education: Effects on students' exploration and motivationKomar, John ; Chow, Jia Yi ; Kawabata, Masato ; Choo, Corliss Zhi Yi
2022Key considerations in the week-to-week forecasting of individual match actions in footballHe, Qixiang; Komar, John ; Kee, Ying Hwa 
2021Learning and transfer of perceptual-motor skill: Relationship with gaze and behavioral explorationHacques, Guillaume; Komar, John ; Seifert, Ludovic
2023Narrowing the coordination solution space during motor learning standardizes individual patterns of search strategy but diversifies learning ratesKomar, John ; Seifert, Ludovic; Vergne, Nicolas; Newell, Karl M.
2021The role of nonlinear pedagogy in supporting the design of modified games in junior sportsChow, Jia Yi ; Komar, John ; Seifert, Ludovic
 2022Screen media and non-screen media habits among preschool children in Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Finland: Insights from an unsupervised clustering approachChia, Michael ; Komar, John ; Chua, Terence Buan Kiong; Tay, Lee Yong; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Hong, Kwangseok; Kim, Hyunshik; Ma, Jiameng; Vehmas, Hanna; Saakslahti, Arja