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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Basketball layup: Foot loading characteristics and the number of trials necessary to obtain stable plantar pressure variablesChua, Kelvin Yaohui; Quek, Raymond K. K.; Kong, Pui Wah 
2020Between-limb asymmetry in kinetic and temporal characteristics during bilateral plyometric drop jumps from different heightsLim, Yi Y.; Sterzing, Thorsten; Teo, Crosby; Alonzo, Rebecca; Pan, Jingwen; Teng, Phillis Soek Po ; Kong, Pui Wah 
2022The biomechanical effects of 3D printed and traditionally made foot orthoses in individuals with unilateral plantar fasciopathy and flat feetHo, Malia Tsai Djun; Nguyen, Julie; Heales, Luke; Stanton, Robert; Kong, Pui Wah ; Kean, Crystal
2021Can a good break shot determine the game outcome in 9-ball?Pan, Jingwen; Komar, John ; Sng, Shawn Bing Kai; Kong, Pui Wah 
2018Center of pressure and perceived stability in basketball shoes with soft and hard midsolesLeong, Hin Fong; Lam, Wing Kai; Ng, Wei Xuan; Kong, Pui Wah 
2020Comfort and ground reaction forces in flat-footed female runners: Comparison of low-dye taping versus sham tapingKoh, Alvina Hui Li; Lin, Wei-Hsiu; Kong, Pui Wah 
2017Comparison of lower limb and back exercises for runners with chronic low back painCai, Congcong; Yang, Yifan ; Kong, Pui Wah 
2016Comparison of two- and three-dimensional methods for analysis of trunk kinematic variables in the golf swingSmith, Aimée C.; Roberts, Jonathan R.; Wallace, Eric S.; Kong, Pui Wah ; Forrester, Stephanie E.
2021Development of new 9-ball test protocols for assessing expertise in cue sportsPan, Jingwen; Komar, John ; Kong, Pui Wah 
2022Differences in the mechanics of takeoff in reverse and forward springboard somersaulting divesKing, Mark A.; Kong, Pui Wah ; Yeadon, Maurice R.
2016Effect of body mass and midsole hardness on kinetic and perceptual variables during basketball landing manoeuvresNin, Darren Zijie; Lam, Wing Kai; Kong, Pui Wah 
2020Effect of caffeine ingestion on free-throw performance in college basketball playersTan, Zhi Sen; Burns, Stephen Francis ; Pan, Jingwen; Kong, Pui Wah 
2018Effect of post-exercise massage on passive muscle stiffness measured using myotonometry: A double-blind studyKong, Pui Wah ; Chua, Yao H.; Kawabata, Masato ; Burns, Stephen Francis ; Cai, Congcong
2020Effectiveness of floor markings for controlling cut width during side cutting tasks in laboratory experimentsPan, Jingwen; Sterzing, Thorsten; Pang, Jun Wei; Chua, Kelvin Yaohui; Kong, Pui Wah 
2020Effects of basketball shoe midsole hardness on lower extremity biomechanics and perception during drop jumping from different heightsAlonzo, Rebecca; Teo, Crosby; Pan, Jingwen; Teng, Phillis Soek Po ; Sterzing, Thosten; Kong, Pui Wah 
2020Effects of foot orthosis on ground reaction forces and perception during short sprints in flat-footed athletesNg, Jun Wei; Chong, Lowell J. Y.; Pan, Jingwen; Lam, Wing Kai; Ho, Malia Tsai Djun; Kong, Pui Wah 
2022Examining the interaction of different factors on pointing precision when using handheld laser pointersTse, Andy Choi Yeung; Kong, Pui Wah ; Poh, Jun Jie; Fong, Daniel Tik-Pui
2021An exploratory study of the use of ultrasound in the measurement of anterior tibial translation under gastrocnemius muscle stimulationTeng, Phillis Soek Po ; Leong, Kah Fai; Phua, Philip Yi Xian; Kong, Pui Wah 
2020Fiber Bragg grating sensors for clinical measurement of the first metatarsophalangeal joint quasi-stiffnessKong, Pui Wah ; Chan, Chi Chiu; Heng, Marabelle Li-Wen; Liu, Yimin; Leow, Yixuan; Fong, Daniel Tik-Pui
2023Field-based biomechanical assessment of the snatch in Olympic weightlifting using wearable in-shoe sensors and videos: A preliminary reportAng, Cheng Loong; Kong, Pui Wah