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2022Ereignis and the grounding of interpretation: Toward a Heideggerian reading of translation and translatability as appropriative eventTan, Ian Xing Long 
2021Ian McEwan's aesthetic stakes in adaptation as political rewriting: A study of Nutshell (2016) and The Cockroach (2019)Tan, Ian Xing Long 
2022The limits of language and the fragmentation of the western mind in John Burnside's the Dumb HouseTan, Ian Xing Long 
 2022Othered temporalities and possibilities: The question of narrative synthesis in Paul Ricoeur's Hermeneutics and Anthony Doerr's About GraceTan, Ian Xing Long 
2022The poesis and politics of English-es in Singapore: Intersubjective worlding in the poetry of Joshua Ip and Hamid RoslanAng, Ann Su Lee ; Tan, Ian Xing Long 
2022Poetry in (the) place of the Polis: The question of politics in Wallace Stevens's Poems of the thirtiesTan, Ian Xing Long 
2021Refining themselves into existence: Reading Portrait with Terence Davies' filmic portraitureTan, Ian Xing Long 
2022Registering trauma and the construction of narrative in Ian McEwan's The InnocentTan, Ian Xing Long 
2022The sonic dis-ordering of aesthetic structure in Wallace Stevens's 'The idea of order at Key West' and John Burnside's The dumb houseTan, Ian Xing Long 
2021Spectrality as ethical gift and the chance for justice: Living on and dispossession in James Joyce's "The Dead" and John Banville's SnowTan, Ian Xing Long 
 2022Wallace Stevens and Martin Heidegger: Poetry as appropriative proximityTan, Ian Xing Long