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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Chinese learner and her self-regulated learning: An autoethnographyJiang, Heng 
2015IntroductionJiang, Heng 
Apr-2012Learning to teach low-SES (socioeconomic status) pupils through assessment in ChinaJiang, Heng 
2019Lost in adaptation? Issues of adapting Japanese lesson study in non-Japanese contextsLim-Ratnam, Christina ; Lee, Christine Kim-eng; Jiang, Heng ; Akhila Sudarshan
2014Observation on teacher quality: Critical analysis on observational instruments in pre-service teacher performance assessmentCaughlan, S.; Jiang, Heng 
2020Reconstructing differences in lesson study: Shaping teachers’ beliefs about teaching culturally diverse students in SingaporeJiang, Heng ; Lee, Christine Kim-eng; Choy, Ban Heng 
2019Refining teaching expertise through analysing students’ work: A case of elementary mathematics teacher professional learning during lesson study in SingaporeJiang, Heng ; Choy, Ban Heng ; Lee, Christine Kim-eng
2016Revisiting individualism and collectivism: A multinational examination of pre-service teachers’ perceptions on student academic performancesJiang, Heng 
2022Teacher learning with classroom assessment in Singapore primary schoolsJiang, Heng ; Tan, Liang See; Lam, Karen; Chia, Terence Titus Song An; Malathy Krishnasamy; Ria George
2019Teachers’ engagement in lesson study for learning community: Shaping teachers’ beliefs about students from disadvantaged social backgrounds.Jiang, Heng ; Lee, Christine Kim-eng; Choy, Ban Heng 
2013Transforming teaching education for social equity in ChinaJiang, Heng 
2018Use of comics in teaching mathematicsToh, Tin Lam ; Cheng, Lu Pien ; Jiang, Heng ; Lim, Kam Ming 
2017Use of comics to enhance students’ learning for the development of the 21st century competencies in the mathematics classroomToh, Tin Lam ; Cheng, Lu Pien ; Ho, Siew Yin; Jiang, Heng ; Lim, Kam Ming 
Jul-2017Using comics in teaching mathematicsToh, Tin Lam ; Ho, Siew Yin; Cheng, Lu Pien ; Jiang, Heng ; Lim, Kam Ming