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Nov-2009Avoiding the “prolonged agony” of studying for standardized national exams: At what price?Lim, Xuan-Shi; Tan, Jason ; Kang, Trivina 
2016Book review [Review of the book Growing up female in multi-ethnic Malaysia, by Cynthia Joseph]Tan, Jason 
2017Book review [Review of the book Knowledge, control and critical thinking in Singapore: State ideology and the politics of pedagogic recontextualization by Leonel Lim]Tan, Jason 
2011Book review [Review of the book Revisiting the Chinese learner: Changing contexts, changing education, by C. K. K. Chan & N. Rao (Eds.)]Tan, Jason 
2016Book review [Review of the book The construction of femininity in a postcolonial state: Girls’ education in Singapore by Kho Ee Moi]Tan, Jason 
1997Education and colonial transition in Singapore and Hong Kong: Comparisons and contrastsTan, Jason 
2000Education reform in Singapore: Towards greater creativity and innovation?Tan, Jason ; Gopinathan, Saravanan
2018Flipped learningTan, Jason 
 2022Higher education in SingaporeTan, Jason 
 2022Higher education in SingaporeTan, Jason 
Nov-1996The marketisation of education in Singapore: Policies and implicationsTan, Jason 
2008Privatization and the rise of direct subsidy scheme schools and independent schools in Hong Kong and SingaporeChan, David; Tan, Jason 
2007Pulling together amid globalization: National education in Singapore schoolsTan, Jason 
2001Singapore: Values education for a knowledge-based economyHan, Christine; Chew, Joy Oon Ai; Tan, Jason 
 2022Teacher preparation in Singapore: A concise critical historyChia, Yeow-Tong; Chew, Alistair Martyn Khean-En; Tan, Jason 
2022Typifying educational research in Singapore and Sweden: A comparative bibliometric approach based on topics 2000-2020Nylander, Erik; Tan, Jason 
1987The use of Venn diagrams in chemistry teachingTan, Jason