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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The impact of teaching methods on learning of Chinese characters among English-Chinese bilingual children with dyslexiaLee, Alvina Hui Shan; Poon, Kenneth K. 
Mar-2014Improving the working memory capacity of children learning support programmes: A comparison of two intervention programmesLee, Kerry; Ang, Su Yin; Bull, Rebecca; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Cheam, Fiona
Apr-2013Improving the working memory capacity of children: A comparison of two intervention programmesLee, Kerry; Ang, Su Yin; Bull, Rebecca; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Cheam, Fiona; Alethea, Kerk
 2022Inclusive education for children with special educational needs in Singapore schoolsPoon, Kenneth K. 
 2022Introduction to early childhood development and research in SingaporeTan, Oon Seng ; Poon, Kenneth K. ; O'Brien, Beth A. ; Rifkin-Graboi, Anne 
2021Local evidence synthesis on early childhood educationRifkin-Graboi, Anne ; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Tay, Fann; Manasi Pande
2018The outcomes of a training programme to support youth with autism spectrum disorders in mainstream schools.Poon, Kenneth K. ; Tay, Fann
2017The Paradox of "What is Good"Poon, Kenneth K. 
2015Parental perspectives and challenges in inclusive education in SingaporeWong, Meng Ee ; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Sarinajit Kaur; Ng, Zi Jia
2017Rasch modeling of the test of early mathematics ability: Third edition with a sample of K1 children in SingaporeYao, Shih-Ying; Munez, David ; Bull, Rebecca; Lee, Kerry; Khng, Kiat Hui ; Poon, Kenneth K. 
2021Science teachers and teaching of special education needs students.Teo, Tang Wee ; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Pua, Ching Yee
2010Singapore Early Years Longitudinal Study (Pilot study findings - 2010)Wright, Susan (Susan Kay); Lim, Audrey Swee Eng; Lim, Sirene May Yin; Tan, Liang See; Yang, Chien Hui; Poon, Kenneth K. 
2016The student profile, service delivery model, and support practices of four early childhood intervention environments in SingaporePoon, Kenneth K. ; Yang, Xueyan
2012Supporting adults with autism spectrum disorders: Lessons from six decades of international researchPoon, Kenneth K. 
2015Supporting inclusive education: Negotiating home-school partnership in SingaporeWong, Meng Ee ; Ng, Zi Jia; Poon, Kenneth K. 
2021Supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder in SingaporeNah, Yong Hwee ; Chen, Mo ; Poon, Kenneth K. 
4-Aug-2011Supporting students with special needs in secondary schools: a study of perspective, practices, and support structuresPoon, Kenneth K. ; Wong, Meng Ee ; Sarinajit Kaur; Khaw, Joanne; Ng, Zi Jia
2015Updating and working memory training: Immediate improvement, long-term maintenance, and generalizability to non-trained tasksAng, Su Yin; Lee, Kerry; Cheam, Fiona; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Koh, Juliana
2021Validation of the Child Behavior Rating Scale (CBRS) using multilevel factor analysisChan, Wei Teng; Bull, Rebecca; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Waschl, Nicolette ; Poon, Kenneth K.