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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Closing the gender-gap in mathematics: Some insights for educatorsTan, Ai-Girl 
May-2006Creative teaching: How it works and how to do itTan, Ai-Girl 
Nov-1998Creativity and disability: Some insights for educatorsTan, Ai-Girl ; Lim, Levan 
Nov-1998Creativity education in Japan: Some insights for educatorsTan, Ai-Girl ; Ganea, Peter
Nov-1998Creativity education in Japan: Some insights for educatorsTan, Ai-Girl ; Ganea, Peter
2011Creativity self-efficacy scale as a predictor for classroom behavior in a Chinese student contextTan, Ai-Girl ; Li, Joe; Rotgans, Ingmar Jerome
2000Critical thinkingLaw, Lai-Chong; Tan, Ai-Girl 
1996Culture influences learning style and self-perception: some insights for teachersTan, Ai-Girl 
1996Culture influences thinking: People‚Äôs conceptions of creativityTan, Ai-Girl 
2002Development of psychology in Singapore: Some perspectivesTan, Ai-Girl 
Nov-1996Does bilingualism mean biculturalism?Tan, Ai-Girl 
2000Explicit teaching of problem-solving strategies in scienceLee, Lucille Kam Wah; Tan, Ai-Girl 
1998An exploratory study of Singaporean primary pupils' desirable activitiesTan, Ai-Girl 
1999An exploratory study of Singaporean student teachers' perception of teacher roles that are important in fostering creativityTan, Ai-Girl 
 2021An exploratory study on perceptions of creative teaching and roles among Singapore's early childhood educatorsLim, Siew Eng; Tan, Ai-Girl 
1998Exploring primary pupils' desirable activities in mathematics lessonsTan, Ai-Girl 
Nov-1996Exploring the possibility to conduct indigenous and cross-indigenous psychology in Malaysia and SingaporeTan, Ai-Girl 
1998First lecture on psychology: discovering student teachers' conceptions of childrenTan, Ai-Girl 
2019Five inspirations to get children to compose musicTan, Ai-Girl 
1996Handling bullying in schoolsTan, Ai-Girl