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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Handling bullying in schoolsTan, Ai-Girl 
2008High school students’ perceived creativity self-efficacy and emotions in a service learning contextTan, Ai-Girl ; Ho, Valerie Xiu Hui; Ho, Elizabeth Lai Fun; Ow, Steve
1994Indigenization does not mean disintegration: A unity model of psychological researchTan, Ai-Girl 
2008International high school students’ perceived creativity self-efficacyHill, Alan; Tan, Ai-Girl ; Kikuchi, Akio
Dec-1999Lay conceptions of creativity across culturesTan, Ai-Girl 
2018Metalens: A technique for good teachingTan, Ai-Girl 
Dec-1999Psychology for teachers: An overview of the discipline psychology and its relation with educationTan, Ai-Girl 
Dec-1999Psychology for teachers: General problem solving and problem solving in science educationTan, Ai-Girl ; Lee, Lucille Kam Wah
2002Reflections on the development of psychology in SingaporeTan, Ai-Girl ; Lim, Kam Ming 
1998Singaporean children's views of desirable activities and useful activities for fostering creativityTan, Ai-Girl 
2002Singaporean student teachers’ perception of teacher behaviors important for fostering creativityTan, Ai-Girl ; Goh, Swee Chiew
1996Stress: more than what we knowTan, Ai-Girl 
Nov-1998Student teachers’ perception of information technology and creativityTan, Ai-Girl ; Law, Lai-Chong
Dec-2001Student teachers’ perceptions of the importance of theory and practiceLim, Kam Ming ; Tan, Ai-Girl 
1999Teacher roles in promoting creativityTan, Ai-Girl 
Dec-1999Teachers’ perspectives on the roles of psychologistsTan, Ai-Girl ; Lim, Kam Ming ; Goh, Michael
1998Teaching primary mathematics creatively: Some insights for educatorsTan, Ai-Girl 
Aug-1995Technical creativity in an international comparative perspectiveMoritz, E. F.; Tan, Ai-Girl 
1999Thinking and metacognitionTan, Ai-Girl ; Law, Lai-Chong
1996Understanding creativity from a diversified perspectiveTan, Ai-Girl