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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Inferring floodplain bathymetry using inundation frequencyPark, Edward ; Emadzadeh, Adel; Enner, Alcantara; Yang, Xiangyu; Ho, Huu Loc
2021Intensifying saline water intrusion and drought in the Mekong Delta: From physical evidence to policy outlooksHo, Huu Loc; Doan, Van Binh; Park, Edward ; Sangam Shrestha; Tran, Duc Dung; Vu, Hai Son; Nguyen, Hoang Thu Truc; Nguyen, Phuong Mai; Seijger, Chris
 2022Mainstreaming ecotourism as an ecosystem-based adaptation in Vietnam: Insights from three different value chain modelsNgo, Thi Thu Trang; Nguyen, Thi Quynh Trang; Ho, Huu Loc; Park, Edward 
 2022Mapping volumetric soil moisture in the Vietnamese Red River Delta using Landsat 8 imagesHo, Huu Loc; Vu, Hai Son; Tran, Dung Duc; Park, Edward ; Giang, Anh Dung
 2022Monsoonal variations of lead (PB) in coastal waters around SingaporeChen, Mengli; Carrasco, Gonzalo; Park, Edward ; Morgan, Kyle; Tay, Serene Hui Xin; Jani Tanzil; Ooi, Seng Keat; Zhou, Kuanbo; Boyle, Edward A.
 2022New systematically measured sand mining budget for the Mekong delta reveals rising trends and significant volume underestimationsGruel, Charles-Robin; Park, Edward ; Switzer, Adam D.; Sonu, Kumar; Ho, Huu Loc; Sameh, Kantoush; Doan, Van Binh; Feng, Lian
 2023Novel landslide susceptibility mapping based on multi-criteria decision-making in Ouro Preto, BrazilMantovani, Jose Roberto; Bueno, Guilherme Taitson; Alcantara, Enner; Park, Edward ; Cunha, Ana Paula; Londe, Luciana; Massi, Klecia Gili; Marengo, Jose A.
2020A pathway to the automated global assessment of water level in reservoirs with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)Park, Edward ; Merino, Eder; Lewis, Quinn W.; Lindsey, Eric O.; Yang, Xiankun
 2021Remote sensing of water transparency variability in the Ibitinga reservoir during COVID-19 lockdownThais Miike Contador; Enner, Alcantara; Thanan Rodrigues; Park, Edward 
 2021A satellite-based investigation into the algae bloom variability in large water supply urban reservoirs during COVID-19 lockdownAlcantara, Enner; Coimbra, Keyla; Ogashawara, Igor; Rodrigues, Thanan; Mantovani, José; Rotta, Luiz Henrique; Park, Edward ; Cunha, Davi Gasparini Fernandes
2021A single semi-analytical algorithm to retrieve chlorophyll-a concentration in oligo-to-hypereutrophic waters of a tropical reservoir cascadeRotta, Luiz; Alcantara, Enner; Park, Edward ; Bernardo, Nariane; Watanabe, Fernanda
2023Soil moisture observations from shortwave infrared channels reveal tornado tracks: A case in 10-11 December 2021 tornado outbreakWang, Jingyu ; Lin, Yun; McFarquhar, Greg M.; Park, Edward ; Gu, Yu; Su, Qiong; Fu, Rong; Lee, Kee Wei; Zhang, Tianhao
2020Source-to-sink sediment fluxes and budget in the Chao Phraya River, Thailand: A multi-scale analysis based on the national datasetPark, Edward ; Lim, Jana; Ho, Huu Loc; Herrin, Jason; Chitwatkulsiri, Detchphol
2021Spatiotemporal changes in mulberry-dyke-fish ponds in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area over the past 40 yearsZhang, Wenxin; Cheng, Zihao; Qiu, Junliang; Park, Edward ; Ran, Lishan; Xie, Xuetong; Yang, Xiankun