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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Immigrant teachers in Singapore schools: Backgrounds, integration, and diversificationYang, Peidong ; Chow, Lee Tat
2020Immigrant teachers in Singapore schools: Demographic profiles and self-reported social and professional integration.Yang, Peidong 
2017Immigration, population, and foreign workforce in Singapore: An overview of trends, policies, and issuesYang, Hui; Yang, Peidong ; Zhan, Shaohua
2021Interpreting inquiry learning in social studies: Singapore secondary school teachers’ understandings of “Issue Investigation”: A preliminary studyYang, Peidong 
 2022Navigating desire, despondency, disconnectedness, and disillusionment: International students' emotional turmoil amidst COVID-19 pandemicYang, Peidong ; Lu, Yanxuan
2021A politician, a social scientist, and a social worker Walk into a bar: Towards a taxonomy of social studies inquiry questionsYang, Peidong ; Chua, Jun Yan
2018“Positive energy”: Hegemonic intervention and online media discourse in China’s Xi Jinping eraYang, Peidong ; Tang, Lijun
2022Rethinking international student mobility through the lens of "crisis" at a juncture of pandemic and global uncertaintiesYang, Peidong 
2020Singapore secondary school teachers' experiences with implementing Social Studies issues investigation: An exploratory studyYang, Peidong 
2020Taming “issue investigation”: Singapore secondary social studies teachers’ accounts of challenges encountered and strategies for copingYang, Peidong