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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The affordances of weblogs and discussion forums for learning: A comparative analysisWang, Qiyun ; Woo, Huay Lit
2021Design and implementation of blended synchronous learning: The instructor's perspectiveWang, Qiyun 
 2022Design for online case-based learning environmentsWang, Qiyun 
2018Design of an interactive online learning environmentWang, Qiyun ; Quek, Choon Lang 
2017Designing and improving a blended synchronous learning environment: An educational design researchWang, Qiyun ; Quek, Choon Lang ; Hu, Xiaoyong
 2022Designing technology-mediated case learning in higher education: A global perspectiveQuek, Choon Lang ; Wang, Qiyun 
2021Developing eighth-grade students' computational thinking with critical reflectionHe, Zhenzhen; Wu, Xuemei; Wang, Qiyun ; Huang, Changqin
2009E-learning in ChinaWang, Qiyun ; Zhu, Zhiting; Chen, Li; Yan, Hanbing
2022The effectiveness of 3D holographic technology on students' learning performance: A meta-analysisYu, Qing; Li, Bao-min; Wang, Qiyun 
2022Engaging learners in synchronous online learningWang, Qiyun ; Wen, Yun ; Quek, Choon Lang 
2016An exploration of three-dimensional integrated assessment for computational thinkingZhong, Baichang; Wang, Qiyun ; Chen, Jie; Li, Yi
Jun-2008An exploratory study on promoting students’ critical thinking by using weblogsWang, Qiyun ; Woo, Huay Lit
2014Exploring teachers’ perceptions of Wikis for learning classroom casesQuek, Choon Lang ; Wang, Qiyun 
 2022Exploring the characteristics of an optimal design of non-programming plugged learning for developing primary school students' computational thinking in mathematicsWang, Jue; Zhang, Yi; Hung, Cheng-Yu; Wang, Qiyun ; Zheng, Ying
2022Future learning with technologyChen, Wenli ; Wang, Qiyun 
2009Guiding teachers in the process of ICT integration: Analysis of three conceptual modelsWang, Qiyun 
2012Innovation in the educational technology course for pre-service student teachers in East China Normal UniversityYan, Hanbing; Xiao, Yumin; Wang, Qiyun 
2017Interactive networks and social knowledge construction behavioral patterns in primary school teachers' online collaborative learning activitiesZhang, Si; Liu, Qingtang; Chen, Wenli ; Wang, Qiyun ; Huang, Zhifang
2017Investigating the period of switching roles in pair programming in a primary schoolZhong, Baichang; Wang, Qiyun ; Chen, Jie; Li, Yi
 2022Learners' perceived AI presences in AI-supported language learning: A study of AI as a humanized agent from community of inquiryWang, Xinghua; Pang, Hui; Wallace, Matthew Patrick; Wang, Qiyun ; Chen, Wenli