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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Are graphs just pictures?Kaur, Berinderjeet 
2021Aspects of excellence in mathematics educationKaur, Berinderjeet 
2011Assessing for understanding in mathematics learningKaur, Berinderjeet ; Lee, Yim Ping
Sep-1992Attitudinal outcomes from environmental activitiesKaur, Berinderjeet 
2005Children making sense during word problem solvingYeap, Ban Har; Ho, Siew Yin; Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Lee, Ngan Hoe 
2021Competency-based education for training of diagnostic radiographers in percutaneous nephrolithotomy procedure in the operating theatre - An initial experienceTay, Yi Xiang; Kaur, Berinderjeet 
2022A CTD lesson planning tool for mathematics teachersOng, Caron Kai Loon; Kaur, Berinderjeet 
2004Department heads’ perceptions of their influence on mathematics achievement in Singapore and the United StatesKaur, Berinderjeet ; Ferrucci, Beverly J.; Carter, Jack A.
Mar-2008Developing procedural fluency in algebraic structures : Case study of a mathematics classroom in SingaporeKaur, Berinderjeet 
1997Developing pupil profiles in primary mathematics using item response theoryFoong, Pui Yee; Yap, Sook Fwe; Khoo, Phon Sai; Kaur, Berinderjeet 
Jul-2008DG 17: The changing nature and roles of mathematics textbooks: Form, use, accessKaur, Berinderjeet ; Reiss, Kristina; Pepin, Birgit; Rasmussen, Steven; Bonilla, Elisa; Rubenstein, Rheta
1989Diagnosing errors in mathematicsKaur, Berinderjeet 
2022Diagrams in mathematics: What do they represent and what are they used for?Manju Manoharan; Kaur, Berinderjeet 
1997Difficulties with problem solving in mathematicsKaur, Berinderjeet 
Apr-2014Does bullying at school predict student academic performance? Evidence from 65 countriesKaur, Berinderjeet ; Shaljan Areepattamannil; Lee, Daphnee Hui Lin; Hong, Helen; Su, Robyn Hing Chun
2012EMPT project: A hybrid model of professional development for mathematics teachersKaur, Berinderjeet 
2014Enactment of school mathematics curriculum in Singapore: Whither research!Kaur, Berinderjeet 
Mar-2010Enhancing the pedagogy of mathematics teachers to emphasize understanding, reasoning and communication in their classrooms (EPMT)Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Yeap, Ban Har; Low, Hooi Kiam
2017Enhancing the pedagogy of mathematics teachers to facilitate the development of 21st century competencies in their classrooms (EPMT — 21st CC)Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Toh, Tin Lam 
Aug-2010The EPMT Project: A harbinger for teachers' meaningful production of pedagogical knowledgeKaur, Berinderjeet