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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Schools in Singapore with high performance in mathematics at the eighth grade levelKaur, Berinderjeet 
2014Self-construal and students’ math self-concept, anxiety and achievement: An examination of achievement goals as mediatorsLuo, Serena Wenshu; Hogan, David; Tan, Liang See; Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Ng, Pak Tee ; Chan, Melvin Chee Yeen 
Jun-2001Semantic characteristics that make arithmetic word problems difficultKaur, Berinderjeet ; Yeap, Ban Har
2000Singapore primary school TIMSS data: Data representation, analysis and probability and patterns, relations and functionsKaur, Berinderjeet ; Pereira-Mendoza, Lionel
1999Singapore primary school TIMSS data: Geometry and measurement, estimation and number sensePereira-Mendoza, Lionel; Kaur, Berinderjeet 
1999Singapore primary school TIMSS data: Whole numbers, fractions and proportionalityKaur, Berinderjeet ; Pereira-Mendoza, Lionel
Sep-2000Singapore pupils mathematical knowledge at the end of first school yearKaur, Berinderjeet ; Koay, Phong Lee; Yap, Sook Fwe
Dec-1999Singapore pupils’ knowledge of numbers at the beginning of first school yearKaur, Berinderjeet ; Koay, Phong Lee; Yap, Sook Fwe; Burghes, David
2012Singapore’s perspective: Highlights of TIMSS 2007Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Boey, Kok Leong; Shaljan Areepattamannil; Chen, Qian
2013Singapore’s perspective: Highlights of TIMSS 2011Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Shaljan Areepattamannil; Boey, Kok Leong
2-Jun-2011Some "what" strategies to engage students in reasoning and communication in the primary mathematics classroomKaur, Berinderjeet 
2007Some aspects of the pedagogical flow in three mathematics classrooms in SingaporeKaur, Berinderjeet ; Low, Carol Hooi Kiam; Benedict, Teresa Malar
1991Some common misconceptions in algebraKaur, Berinderjeet 
Nov-2003Some findings on the performance of Primary Four pupils from the IPMA studyKoay, Phong Lee; Yap, Sook Fwe; Kaur, Berinderjeet 
Nov-1998Some implications of the TIMSS data for primary mathematics teachersPereira-Mendoza, Lionel; Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Yap, Sook Fwe
Feb-1992A state-of-the-art review on mathematics education in Singapore: An overviewKaur, Berinderjeet 
2022A 'stimulus-based interview' approach to illuminate teachers' orientations and resources related to task selection and modificationRiard, Apollonia; Kaur, Berinderjeet 
2010Student perspective on effective mathematics pedagogy: stimulated recall approachKaur, Berinderjeet 
Apr-2009Student perspective on effective mathematics pedagogy: stimulated recall approach studyKaur, Berinderjeet ; Low, Hooi Kiam
1990A study of basic numeracy skills: Primary education student teachers at the Institute of Education (Singapore)Kaur, Berinderjeet