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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2009Empowering trainee teachers with metacognitive knowledge and skills for proficient teaching practiceChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Ee, Jessie; Lee, Ngan Hoe 
2012Enhancing learning of fraction through the use of virtual manipulativesLee, Ngan Hoe ; Ferrucci, Beverly J.
2008Enhancing mathematical learning and achievement of secondary one Normal (Academic) students using metacognitive strategiesLee, Ngan Hoe 
2001An exploratory analysis of current pedagogical practices in primary mathematics classroomsChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Koay, Phong Lee; Lee, Ngan Hoe 
2002Family & mathematics learning in primary schoolsLee, Ngan Hoe 
Jun-2007Fostering critical thinking and effecting the transfer of thinking in English language, maths and science in a primary schoolChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Seet, Jun Feng; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Netto-Shek, Jo-Ann; Leong, Cedric Kai Wah; Ho, Boon Tiong
May-2005Fostering critical thinking in a primary schoolChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Netto-Shek, Jo-Ann; Ho, Boon Tiong; Ang, Wai Hoong; Leong, Cedric Kai Wah; Seet, Jun Feng
2020Fostering critical thinking in Singapore primary mathematics classroomsLim, Pearlyn Li Gek; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Chua, Boon Liang 
Nov-2021Fulfilling inquiry-based learning in Singapore mathematics classroomsLee, Ngan Hoe 
2002Helping children develop algebraic thinking through word problemsLee, Ngan Hoe ; Yeap, Ban Har
Sep-2000Infusing thinking skills through the use of graphic organizers in primary mathematics to enhance weak pupils’ learningChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Yeap, Ban Har; Lee, Ngan Hoe 
Sep-2000Living and feeling mathematics learningLee, Ngan Hoe 
2015Mathematics education in SingaporeKaur, Berinderjeet ; Wong, Khoon Yoong; Tay, Eng Guan ; Toh, Tin Lam ; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Ng, Swee Fong ; Dindyal, Jaguthsing ; Yen, Yeen Peng; Loh, Mei Yoke; Tan, June Hwee Chiat; Tan, Lay Chin
2018Metacognition and mathematical problem solving – Teaching and learning at the primary levels [metamaps (primary)]Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Ng, Dawn Kit Ee; Seto, Cynthia; Loh, Mei Yoke
2015A metacognitive approach in kick-starting the understanding and planning phases of mathematical problem solvingHong, Seek Eng; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Yeo, Darren Jian Sheng
Jul-2017Metacognitive strategies for geometry expoloratory studyLoh, Mei Yoke; Lee, Ngan Hoe 
2020Pedagogical practices of secondary school mathematics teachers.Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Toh, Tin Lam ; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Leong, Yew Hoong ; Cheng, Lu Pien; Ng, Dawn Kit Ee; Yeo, Joseph Kai Kow; Yeo, Joseph B. W.; Wong, Lai Fong
 2021Preparing students for the fourth industrial revolution through mathematical learning: The constructivist learning designLee, Ngan Hoe ; Lee, June; Wong, Zi Yang
Dec-1999A proposal for assessing mathematics thinking: A lesson learnt from the Japanese open-ended approachLee, Ngan Hoe 
Aug-2010The role and nature of curriculum frameworks in mathematics curriculum development initiativesLee, Ngan Hoe