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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Er shi shi ji qi ba shi nian dai Xin Hua nu xing xiao shuo zuo zhe de shi jie = The worlds of Singapore Chinese female writers of fiction : a study of short stories and novellas during the seventies and eighties from a feminist perspectiveAw, Guat Poh 
2015Fostering a cross-contextual language learning practice through social media creation and social interaction processesWong, Lung Hsiang ; Aw, Guat Poh ; Chai, Ching Sing; Liu, May
2018Learning to communicate in Chinese with social media through contextualized, authentic and socializing means lessons learnt from implementations of seamless Chinese learning at secondary school levelWong, Lung Hsiang ; Aw, Guat Poh ; Chai, Ching Sing
2020LI-nterChange: Towards a contextual- and social-mediated seamless language learning practice with multiple learning pathwaysWong, Lung Hsiang ; Aw, Guat Poh 
2012MyCLOUD: A seamless language learning environment for vocabulary learning and formal-informal cycles of writing activitiesWong, Lung Hsiang ; Aw, Guat Poh ; Chai, Ching Sing; Liu, May
2020Teachers as adult learners: effecting professional development and teacher change in primary Chinese language teaching and learning through variation theory and multi-perspectival reflective dialogue.Aw, Guat Poh ; Tan, Kar Chun ; Lim, Kwee Hua
 2019从课堂话语分析谈教师转变—新加坡小学低年级听说课例个案研究 [A discussion of teachers change from the perspectives of classroom discourse analysis: A case study of listening and speaking lesson in Singapore primary school]Aw, Guat Poh ; Tan, Kar Chun ; Lye, Choon Hwan; Lim, Kwee Hua; Tong Qiying