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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Reading John Dewey’s Art as experience for music educationTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur 
2015Reimer through Confucian lenses: Resonances with classical Chinese aestheticsTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur 
2015Response to Alexandra Kertz-Welzel's 'two souls, alas, reside within my breast': Reflections on German and American music education regarding the internationalization of music educationTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur 
2018Response to Chiao-Wei Liu, “Response to Leonard Tan and Mengchen Lu, ‘I Wish to be Wordless’: Philosophizing through the Chinese Guqin”Tan, Leonard Yuh Chaur ; Lu, Mengchen
2010[Review of the book Thinking musically: Experiencing music, expressing culture, 2nd ed. by B. Wade]Tan, Leonard Yuh Chaur 
2016A shared vision of human excellence: Confucian spirituality and arts educationTan, Charlene; Tan, Leonard Yuh Chaur 
2014Towards a transcultural theory of democracy for instrumental music educationTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur 
2016Towards an ancient Chinese-inspired theory of music educationTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur 
2020Towards responsive professional development for Singapore music teachers: Phase 3: Investigating efficacy of video-based professional development.Tan, Leonard Yuh Chaur ; Chua, Siew Ling; Bautista, Alfredo; Chen, Ouhao; Chen, Wenli ; Lee, Huan Siak; Eng, Alvyn Yan Chen; Goh, Sao-Ee; Ho, Hui Ping; Conway, Colleen; Cabedo Mas, Alberto
2016A transcultural theory of thinking for instrumental music education: Philosophical insights from Confucius and DeweyTan, Leonard Yuh Chaur