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2020Children change their answers in response to neutral follow-up questions by a knowledgeable askerBonawitz, Elizabeth; Shafto, Patrick; Yu, Yue ; Gonzalez, Aaron; Bridgers, Sophie
2020How did COVID-19 impact the lives and perceived well-being of parents? Using the case of Singapore to investigate the mechanismsYang, Yang ; Chua, Jallene; Khng, Kiat Hui ; Yu, Yue 
2020Inconvenient samples: Modeling biases related to parental consent by coupling observational and experimental resultsYu, Yue ; Shafto, Patrick; Bonawitz, Elizabeth
2020The ontogeny of cumulative culture: Individual toddlers vary in faithful imitation and goal emulationYu, Yue ; Kushnir, Tamar
2020Pedagogical questions promote causal learning in preschoolersDaubert, Emily N.; Yu, Yue ; Grados, Milagros; Shafto, Patrick; Bonawitz, Elizabeth
2018Questioning supports effective transmission of knowledge and increased exploratory learning in pre-kindergarten childrenYu, Yue ; Landrum, Asheley R.; Bonawitz, Elizabeth; Shafto, Patrick
 2022Using guided play to facilitate young children’s exploratory learningYu, Yue 
2019Will the future BE POSITIVE? How early life parenting signals the developing "pre" school brainRifkin-Graboi, Anne ; Khng, Kiat Hui ; Cheung, Pierina ; Tsotsi, Stella; Sun, He ; Kwok, Fu Yu; Yu, Yue ; Xie, Huichao ; Yang, Yang ; Chen, Mo ; Ng, Chee Chin; Hu, Pei Lin; Tan, Ngiap Chuan