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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Editorial: Beyond observation and interaction: Augmented Reality through the lens of constructivism and constructionismLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Habig, Sebastian
2019Editorial: Maker-centered Science and Mathematics education: Lenses, scales, and contextsWang, Tzu-Hua; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Lavonen, Jari; Clark-Wilson, Alison
2015Effectiveness of collaborative learning with 3D virtual worldsCho, Young Hoan; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2020Engaging students using IoTLim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2004Enhancing fieldwork in social studies through remotely conducted structured academic controversiesLim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2020Enhancing maths curriculum through team-based learning.Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Leong, Swee Ling; Walker, Zachary; Chee, Christopher; Tham, Rachel; Kee, Norman Kiak Nam 
 2022Exploring constraints on dialogic interaction in immersive environments arising from COVID-19 protocolsHu, Chenwei; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2015Exploring local micro-climates with an open-source mesh of sensor motesLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Chan, Collin; Lee, Richard
2019Exploring local microclimates with open-source environmental sensorsLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy; Yuen, Ming De; Lee, Joshua
2021Exploring understandings of chemistry with augmented realityLim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2018Guide to developing digital games for early grade literacy for developing countriesLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Comings, John; Lee, Richard; Yuen, Ming De; Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy; Chua, Derek; Song, Bing Heng
2010Implications of placedness for learning in multi-user virtual environmentsLim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
Nov-2007In stable orbit: An initial assessment of dispositional changes arising from learning using the citizenship education videogame Space Station LeonisLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Chee, Yam San
2020An introduction to the Socially Responsible Behaviour through Embodied Thinking (SORBET) Project as a response to COVID-19Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Leong, Swee Ling; Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy
2022Investigating aquatic ecosystems with computer vision, machine learning and the internet of thingsTay, Tristan Y. H.; Teo, Terence L. Y.; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2022Investigating the effects of microclimate on physiological stress and brain function with data science and wearablesLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Nguyen, Duc Minh Anh; Nguyen, Thien Minh Tuan; Yuvaraj Rajamanickam ; Fogarty, Jack S. 
2021Investigating the plastic decomposing ability of Tenebrio molitor using carbon dioxide sensorsHuang, Xiangrong; Li , Yueyi; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2008Journeys in the learning sciences: The Singapore experienceKoh, Thiam Seng; Huang, David Junsong ; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Chen, Der-Thanq ; Hung, David 
2004Just in time, just in place: Exploring the role of handheld computing in geographical educationLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Lee, Christine Kim-eng
2022The Life 2 Well Project: Investigating the relationship between physiological stress and environmental factors through data science, the internet of things and do-it-yourself wearablesNguyen, Duc Minh Anh; Nguyen, Thien Minh Tuan; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy