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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Makers on parade: The spontaneous emergence of a hackerspace within a schoolLim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2019Mathematical learning through portable, programmable robots.Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2016Mediating approaches to the use of ICT in teaching and learning through the lenses of ‘craft’ and ‘industrial’ educatorCheah, Horn Mun; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2013Moving forward: Key areas of educational research for the Asia PacificHung, David ; Lee, Shu-Shing ; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2021A national vision for information and communication technologies in education: Reflections on Singapore's ICT technologies MasterplansUma Natarajan; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Kumar Laxman
2017Nurturing an adaptive disposition in the context of security training through the approach of Disciplinary IntuitionsLim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
 2022Nurturing maker dispositions among children with open-source tools: A case study of a junior high school in SingaporeLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Wu, Longkai; He, Sujin
2021Nurturing positive social values with the Socially Responsible Behaviour through Embodied Thinking (SORBET) ProjectLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy; Yuen, Ming De; Lim, Lionel J. T.; Ng, Joel J. L.
2020Pedagogical framework for environmental scienceSajjanhar, Atul; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Ren, Yuechao
Jun-2005Peer-negotiated constructions of space and place using mobile telephonyLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Hedberg, John G.; Chatterjea, Kalyani
2022Personal spaces and communal consequences: Navigating geographical tensions with the socially responsible behavior through embodied thinking (SORBET) projectLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Li, Samuel Cheng Xin
2006Pictures in place : adolescent usage of multimedia messaging in the negotiation, construction and sharing of meaning about local environmentsLim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2020Redstone Jammin’: Conversational analysis from a collaborative music-making activity in MinecraftLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Lim, Lionel J. T.
2021Reflection on maker-centred learning in an undergraduate elective courseLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Koh, Hon Jia; Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy; Yuen, Ming De; Ng, Joel J. L.
2020Representation of constructions of memory palaces with Learner-Generated AugmentationLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Lok, Jie Bin; Gunawan, Andrew; Lim, Ryan
2012The rise of Li’ Ttledot: A study of citizenship education through game-based learningLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Ong, Matthew Y. C.
2020Semiotics, memory and augmented reality: History education with learner-generated augmentationLim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Lim, Ryan
2009The six learnings of Second Life: A framework for designing curricular interventions in-worldLim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2019Surfacing learner intuitions about electrical circuit design using an open-source virtual environment 'chart-a-path'Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck ; Chua, Derek; Yuen, Ming De; Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy
2012Sustaining research innovations in educational technology through communities of practiceHung, David ; Lee, Shu-Shing ; Lim, Kenneth Yang Teck