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2014Application of GPS technology to create activity profiles of youth international field hockey players in competitive match-playWylde, Matthew; Low, Chee Yong; Abdul Rashid Aziz; Mukherjee, Swarup ; Chia, Michael 
2012Conducting an acute intense interval exercise session during the Ramadan fasting month: What is the optimal time of the day?Abdul Rashid Aziz; Chia, Michael ; Low, Chee Yong; Slater, Gary John; Png, Weileen; Teh, Kong Chuan
2010Effect of Ramadan fasting on maximal bench press strength performance in trained athletesAbdul Rashid Aziz; Chia, Michael ; Mohamed Faizul Wahid; Png, Weileen; Wong, James T. Y.; Teh, Kong Chuan
 2022Effects of isometric strength and plyometric training on running performance: A randomized controlled studyLum, Danny Wan Yin; Barbosa, Tiago M.; Abdul Rashid Aziz; Balasekaran, Govindasamy 
2011Effects of Ramadan fasting on perceived exercise intensity during high-intensity interval training in elite youth soccer playersAbdul Rashid Aziz; Chia, Michael ; Rabindarjeet Singh; Mohamed Faizul Wahid
2014Exercise responses and training during daytime fasting in the month of Ramadan and its impact on training-induced adaptationsNurhayatul Filzah Damit; Lim, Vivienna Tzia Woon; Ahmad Munir Che Muhamed; Anis Chaouachi; Karim Chamari; Rabindarjeet Singh; Chia, Michael ; Abdul Rashid Aziz
2020Four minutes of sprint interval training had no acute effect on improving alertness, mood, and memory of female primary school children and secondary school adolescents: A randomized controlled trialChua, Terence Buan Kiong; Abdul Rashid Aziz; Chia, Michael 
Apr-2008Modelling maximal oxygen uptake in athletes: Allometric scaling versus ratio-scaling in relation to body massChia, Michael ; Abdul Rashid Aziz
2007Oxygen uptake plateau occurrence in trained male and female adultsChia, Michael ; Abdul Rashid Aziz; Teh, Kong Chuan
Nov-2008Pitfalls in the use of allometry in accounting for differences in body mass in relation to maximal oxygen uptake in trained athletesChia, Michael ; Abdul Rashid Aziz
2016Ramadan fasting and exercise performanceAbdul Rashid Aziz