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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Preschool educators' interactions with children about sustainable development: Planned and incidental conversationsBautista, Alfredo; Moreno-Nunez, Ana; Ng, Siew Chin; Bull, Rebecca
2017Preschool teachers’ engagement in professional development: Frequency, perceived usefulness, and relationship with self-efficacy beliefsMunez, David ; Bautista, Alfredo; Khiu, Ellyn; Keh, Jun-Sheng; Bull, Rebecca
2019Purposeful play during learning centre time: From curriculum to practiceBautista, Alfredo; Malikka Begum Habib Mohamed; Eng, Anthony; Bull, Rebecca
2017Rasch modeling of the test of early mathematics ability: Third edition with a sample of K1 children in SingaporeYao, Shih-Ying; Munez, David ; Bull, Rebecca; Lee, Kerry; Khng, Kiat Hui ; Poon, Kenneth K. 
2022Ratio reasoning and kindergarteners’ math abilityMunez, David ; Cheung, Pierina ; Bull, Rebecca
 2023Screening for executive function difficulties: An evaluation of the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-2nd Edition Screener, Teacher Report (BRIEF2-TS)Waschl, Nicolette ; Khng, Kiat Hui; Bull, Rebecca; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Sun, He ; Chan, Wei Teng
2021Socioeconomic status, home mathematics environment and math achievement in kindergarten: A mediation analysisMunez, David ; Bull, Rebecca; Lee, Kerry
2020“That’s just impossible in my kindergarten.” Advocating for ‘glocal' early childhood curriculum frameworksBautista, Alfredo; Bull, Rebecca; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Lee, Kerry
Mar-2014Thinking about future intervention for low math achievers: Ideas, discussion, and feedbackCheam, Fiona; Bull, Rebecca
2021Transitioning from kindergarten to primary school: Exploring the links between children’s self-regulation skills, socio-emotional competence and academic outcomes.Ng, Ee Lynn ; Bull, Rebecca; Khng, Kiat Hui ; Ang, Marlene
2015Trends in applied cognitive developmentKhng, Kiat Hui ; Ang, Su Yin; Bull, Rebecca; Lee, Kerry
Mar-2014Updating and mathematical performance: Implications for children in lower primaryLee, Kerry; Bull, Rebecca
2021Validation of the Child Behavior Rating Scale (CBRS) using multilevel factor analysisChan, Wei Teng; Bull, Rebecca; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Waschl, Nicolette ; Poon, Kenneth K. 
2022Working memory and numeracy training for children with math learning difficulties: Evidence from a large-scale implementation in the classroomMunez, David ; Lee, Kerry; Bull, Rebecca; Khng, Kiat Hui ; Cheam, Fiona; Ridzuan Abdul Rahim
2020Working memory training and math achievement evidence from a large-scale intervention in a real learning environment.Munez, David ; Khng, Kiat Hui ; Lee, Kerry; Bull, Rebecca; Cheam, Fiona; Ridzuan Abdul Rahim