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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Education about movement: Development of an intermittent shuttle test to determine fitness and fatigue in badmintonBurns, Stephen F.Chow, Jia YiChia, Jingyi Shannon
2020Effect of caffeine ingestion on free-throw performance in college basketball playersTan, Zhi SenBurns, Stephen F.Pan, Jing WenKong, Veni Pui Wah
2018Effect of post-exercise massage on passive muscle stiffness measured using myotonometry: A double-blind studyKong, Veni Pui WahChua, Yao H.Kawabata, MasatoBurns, Stephen F.Cai, Congcong
2020Efficacy of ingesting an oral rehydration solution after exercise on fluid balance and endurance performanceFan, Priscilla WeipingBurns, Stephen F.Lee, Jason Kai Wei
2020No differences in cardiorespiratory fitness or fat oxidation between Indian and Chinese men with elevated body mass indexMayada DemashkiehRinkoo DalanBoehm, Bernhard O.Burns, Stephen F.
2020Pulse wave velocity is associated with increased plasma oxLDL in ageing but not with FGF21 and habitual exerciseLee, Shuen YeeBurns, Stephen F.Ng, Kenneth K. C.Stensel, DavidZhong, LiangTan, Frankie Hun YauChia, Kar LingFam, Kai DengYap, Margaret Mei ChanYeo, Kwee PooYap, Eric P. H.Lim, Chin Leong
2021Review: Questionnaires as measures for low energy availability (LEA) and relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S) in athletesSim, AlexiaaBurns, Stephen F.