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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Academically at-risk adolescents in Singapore: The importance of teacher support in promoting academic engagementCaleon, Imelda S.Tan, Jennifer Pei-LingWui, Ma. Glenda L.Chiam, Ching LeenKing, Ronnel B.
Jun-2016Analytics of social processes in learning contexts: A multi-level perspectiveRose, Carolyn P.Gaesevic, DraganDillenbourg, PierreJo, YohanTomar, GauravFerschke, OliverErkens, Gijsbertvan Leeuwen, AnouschkaJanssen, JeroenBrekelmans, MiekeTan, Jennifer Pei-LingKoh, ElizabethCaleon, Imelda S.Jonathan, ChristinYang, Simon
2020Assessment and teaching of 21st century skills (ATC21S) Singapore trials: Collective creativity and collaborative problem-solving competencies among secondary school studentsTan, Jennifer Pei-LingCaleon, Imelda S.Koh, ElizabethAuyong, Sabina
Nov-2004Attitudes towards science of gifted and non-gifted upper primary studentsCaleon, Imelda S.Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan), 1952-
2010Development, validation and application of a four-tier diagnostic test to assess secondary students’ conceptions of wavesCaleon, Imelda S.
2017Enhancing students’ critical reading fluency, engagement and self-efficacy using self-referenced learning analytics dashboard visualizationsJonathan, ChristinTan, Jennifer Pei-LingKoh, ElizabethCaleon, Imelda S.Tay, Siu Hua
2020Examining the phenomenon of resilience in schools: Development, validation, and application of the school resilience scaleCaleon, Imelda S.King, Ronnel B.
2016Generalists to specialists: Transformative evidences and impediments to student-centered practices of primary music and art teachers in SingaporeCostes-Onishi, Pamela GraceCaleon, Imelda S.
2005The impact of cryogenics-based enrichment programmes on attitudes towards science and the learning of science conceptsCaleon, Imelda S.
Nov-2003Learning beyond the four walls of the classroom: The potential of Cryogenics-Based Enrichment Programs (CBEP) in science educationCaleon, Imelda S.Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan), 1952-
2019Lessons from resilience-nurturing environments: Classroom practices of turnaround teachers.Caleon, Imelda S.Tan, Michelle Yuen SzeChua, JennyNie, YouyanNur Qamarina Binte IlhamTan, Raphaela Hui YiLee, Fang Hui
Feb-2020Local evidence synthesis on teaching & learning of 21st century competenciesKoh, ElizabethCaleon, Imelda Roock, Roberto
2020Measuring and nurturing teamwork competency through a computer-supported creative collaborative problem-solving programme.Koh, ElizabethLee, Shu-ShingCaleon, Imelda S.Hong, HelenTan, Jennifer Pei-LingTee, Yi HuanDhivya SureshLek, Hsiang Hui
2017Nurturing grateful and connected twenty-first century learners: Development and evaluation of a socially oriented gratitude interventionCaleon, Imelda S.King, Ronnel B.Tan, Jennifer Pei-LingLow, MichelleTan, Chee SoonLiem, Gregory Arief D.
2020Nurturing positivity: A positive psychology intervention to enhance well-being, engagement, and achievement among at-risk studentsCaleon, Imelda S.King, Ronnel B.Liem, Gregory Arief D.Tan, Chee SoonTan, Jennifer Pei-LingLam, RachelNur Qamarina Binte Ilham
2017Nurturing Positivity: A positive psychology intervention to enhance well-being, engagement, and achievement among at-risk students.Caleon, Imelda S.King, Ronnel B.Liem, Gregory Arief D.Tan, Chee SoonTan, Jennifer Pei-LingLam, Rachel JaneNur Qamarina Binte Ilham
2020Nurturing positivity: The effects of positive psychology interventions on students with different academic abilitiesCaleon, Imelda S.
2018A preliminary study of assessment progression: Evaluation of assessment for learning lessons and summative assessment tasks in the general music programmeLeong, Wei ShinCostes-Onishi, Pamela GraceCaleon, Imelda S.Suriati binte SuradiChan, Yen See
2020Preparing in-service teachers for pedagogical innovation: A study on the learning structures of community music for the nurturance of arts-based habits of mindsCostes-Onishi, Pamela GraceCaleon, Imelda S.
2020School psychological capital: Instrument development, validation, and predictionKing, Ronnel B.Caleon, Imelda S.