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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2008Examining pre-service teachers’ perception of knowledge-building principles for building community knowledgeHong, Huang-Yao; Chen, Fei-Ching; Chai, Ching Sing
2012Examining preservice teachers’ perceived knowledge of TPACK and cyberwellness through structural equation modelingChai, Ching Sing; Koh, Joyce Hwee Ling; Ho, Jessie Hsin Ning; Tsai, Chin-Chung
2012Examining the relationships between in-service teachers’ technology and non-technology related knowledge of TPACKTsai, Pei Shan; Chai, Ching Sing; Koh, Joyce Hwee Ling; Yang, Stephen J. H.
2017Examining the validity of the technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) framework for preservice chemistry teachersDeng, Feng; Chai, Ching Sing; So, Hyo-Jeong; Qian, Yangyi; Chen, Lingling
Jul-2012Exploratory study on the physical tool-based conceptions of learning of young students in a technology-rich primary schoolWong, Lung Hsiang; Jan, Mingfong; Toh, Yancy; Chai, Ching Sing
Nov-2011Exploring college students’ perceptions of classroom learning in a knowledge building environmentLin, Kuei Yu; Hong, Huang-Yao; Chai, Ching Sing
2012Exploring preschool teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge with educational gamesHsu, Chung Yuan; Chai, Ching Sing
2013Exploring Singaporean Chinese language teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge and its relationship to the teachers’ pedagogical beliefsChai, Ching Sing; Chin, Chee Kuen; Koh, Joyce Hwee Ling; Tan, Chee Lay 
2011Exploring the factor structure of the constructs of technological, pedagogical, content knowledge (TPACK)Chai, Ching Sing; Koh, Joyce Hwee Ling; Tsai, Chin-Chung
2015Exploring the profiles and interplays of pre-service and in-service teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) in ChinaDong, Yan; Chai, Ching Sing; Sang, Guo-Yuan; Koh, Joyce Hwee Ling; Tsai, Chin-Chung
2012Facilitating development of design efficacy among Singaporean in-service teachers through TPACKChai, Boon Yen; Chai, Ching Sing; Koh, Joyce Hwee Ling; Chua, Meng Joo; Tan, Bee Tin; Looi, Jeffrey Wei Zhang
2015Fostering a cross-contextual language learning practice through social media creation and social interaction processesWong, Lung Hsiang; Aw, Guat Poh ; Chai, Ching Sing; Liu, May
Nov-2005Fostering learning communities among teachers and students: Potentials and issuesChai, Ching Sing; Tan, Seng Chee 
Oct-2008An initial study on the influences of problem solving in children’s learningLee, Chwee Beng; Chai, Ching Sing; Teo, Timothy
Aug-2007Knowledge building and reframed conceptual change: A cross fertilizationLee, Chwee Beng; Tan, Seng Chee ; Chai, Ching Sing
2017The learning revolution: From pedagogues to designers of learningHairon Salleh ; Chai, Ching Sing
2012Learning sciences research in Asia Pacific countries from 1997 to 2010: A content analysis of publications in selected journalsTan, Seng Chee ; Chai, Ching Sing; Tsai, Chin-Chung; Lim, Cher Ping; Chou, Chiou-Hui
2018Learning to communicate in Chinese with social media through contextualized, authentic and socializing means lessons learnt from implementations of seamless Chinese learning at secondary school levelWong, Lung Hsiang; Aw, Guat Poh ; Chai, Ching Sing
2013Measuring Singaporean students’ motivation and strategies of bilingual learningWong, Lung Hsiang; Chai, Ching Sing; Chen, Wenli ; Chin, Chee Kuen
Dec-2011Modeling pre-service teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) perceptions: The influence of demographic factors and TPACK constructsKoh, Joyce Hwee Ling; Chai, Ching Sing