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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The impact of global warming on storms and storm preparedness in Southeast AsiaChang, Chew Hung
2017The International Charter on Geographical Education: A reflection on published research articles on assessmentChang, Chew HungMuhammad Faisal Aman
Dec-1999The introduction of on-line learning to inservice training in climatologyChang, Chew HungGoh, Kim Chuan
2014Is Singapore’s school geography becoming too responsive to the changing needs of society?Chang, Chew Hung
2011Is Singapore’s school geography relevant to our changing world?Chang, Chew Hung
2020Is there a learning progression for learning the climate change topic in geography?Chang, Chew HungTan, Ivy Geok ChinTan, JosefKwek, Chia Hui
2017Learning progressions for climate change: How does it look like in Singapore’s school geography?Chang, Chew HungTan, Ivy Geok ChinTan, JosefLiaow, DennisKwek, Chia-Hui
2005Learning with G-Portal: a geographic digital libraryHedberg, John G.Chang, Chew HungLim, Ee PengChatterjea, KalyaniGoh, Dion Hoe LianTheng, Yin LengTeh, Tiong Sa
Sep-2005Managing geography learning objects using personalized project spaces in G-PortalGoh, Dion Hoe LianSun, AixinZong, WenboWu, DanLim, Ee PengTheng, Yin LengHedberg, John G.Chang, Chew Hung
Jun-2005Personalized project space for managing metadata of geography learning objectsZong, WenboWu, DanSun, AixinLim, Ee PengGoh, Dion Hoe LianTheng, Yin LengHedberg, John G.Chang, Chew Hung
Mar-2011Preparedness and storm hazards in a global warming world: Lessons from Southeast AsiaChang, Chew Hung
2007Reflections on web-based inquiry learning in Geography classrooms in SingaporeChang, Chew Hung
1999The relationship between height to width ratios and the heat island intensity at 22:00 h for SingaporeChang, Chew HungGoh, Kim Chuan
Mar-2004The role of digital libraries in learning about environmental identity through solving geographical problemsHedberg, John G.Chang, Chew HungLim, Ee PengTeh, Tiong SaGoh, Dion Hoe LianTheng, Yin Leng
Nov-2004The role of Digital Libraries in teaching and learning geographyChang, Chew HungHedberg, John G.Teh, Tiong SaLim, Ee PengGoh, Dion Hoe LianTheng, Yin Leng
2016Singapore students' misconceptions of climate changeChang, Chew HungPascua, Liberty
Dec-2004Supporting field study with personalized project spaces in a geographical digital libraryLim, Ee PengSun, AixinLiu, ZehuaHedberg, John G.Chang, Chew HungTeh, Tiong SaGoh, Dion Hoe LianTheng, Yin Leng
2015Teaching climate change: A fad or a necessity?Chang, Chew Hung
2015Tensions and dilemmas in teacher professional developmentTan, Aik-LingChang, Chew HungTeng, Paul Piang Siong
2014Uncovering Singapore teachers’ motivation to participate in professional development activitiesChang, Chew HungTeng, Paul Piang SiongTan, Aik-LingJoiko, SaraChan, Yew WooiPoh, Mun See