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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1999Multiple perspectives on meeting the challenges of PBL in the scientific disciplinesSpringham, Stuart Victor ; Chia, Tet Fatt; Lim, Shirley S. L. ; Cheang, G. H. L.; Chen, Ai-Yen
Nov-1996Normal technical students’ perception of their classroom environmentGoh, Swee Chiew; Chang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Chen, Ai-Yen
Apr-1992On improving reflective thinking through teacher educationChen, Ai-Yen; Seng, Alice Seok-Hoon
2002Project SUCCESS: Strategic use of computers in constructing effective studiesChen, Ai-Yen
Nov-1996Strategic use of computers for constructing effective studies: A pilot studyChen, Ai-Yen; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Chen, Der-Thanq ; Hung, David 
Sep-1992Student teachers’ reflection on classroom practicesChen, Ai-Yen; Seng, Alice Seok-Hoon; Moo, Swee Ngoh; Tan, Swee Chiew; Tan, Steven Kwang San 
Dec-1999Towards a framework for teacher development: The case of a Singapore mission schoolChew, Alistair Martyn Khean-En; Chen, Ai-Yen
Nov-1996Towards exemplary teaching through collaborative inquiry into curriculum redesignChen, Ai-Yen; Agus Rahardja; Chan, Chiu Ming; Lee, Sing-Kong; Liao, Ziqi; Uma Ravinthran; Wan, Yan Sum; Wong, Chong Thim; Zhou, Wei
1988Training teachers to use computers for instruction and administrationChen, Ai-Yen
Sep-2000Transforming teaching and learning through a computer mediated environmentAng, Daniel B. S.; Chen, Ai-Yen
Aug-1987Trends and issues in improving University teachingChen, Ai-Yen
Oct-1993The use of collaborative learning in the teaching of operational research to mathematics undergraduatesTan, Kok Choon; Chen, Ai-Yen
Dec-1999Virtual project-based learning: A case study of Hong Kong and Singapore students’ collaborationAng, Daniel B. S.; Chen, Ai-Yen; Looi, Chee-Kit 
Nov-1990What can we learn from “expert” teachersChen, Ai-Yen
Dec-1996科技运用与教学焦点:新加坡“怕输”经验的启示 (Mr Kiasu and IT: Sharpening our focus on technology: Enhancing learning)Chen, Ai-Yen