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1998Effects of rootzone temperature and irradiance on the growth and photosynthetic characteristics of certain subtropical vegetable cropsChoong, Tsui Wei
2016An efficient method for adventitious root induction from stem segments of Brassica speciesSandhya Srikanth; Choong, Tsui Wei; Yan, An; He, Jie ; Chen, Zhong
2016Growing different Lactuca genotypes aeroponically within a tropical greenhouse: Cool rootzone temperatures decreased rootzone Ethylene concentrations and increased shoot growthChoong, Tsui Wei; He, Jie ; Lee, Sing-Kong; Dodd, Ian C.
2019Nitrate accumulation, productivity and photosynthesis of Brassica alboglabra grown under low light with supplemental LED lighting in the tropical greenhouseHe, Jie ; Qin, Lin; Teo, Lilian Li Jun; Choong, Tsui Wei
2017Plant growth and photosynthetic characteristics of mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown aeroponically under different blue- and red-LEDs.He, Jie ; Qin, Lin; Chong, Emma L. C.; Choong, Tsui Wei; Lee, Sing-Kong
2016Productivity and photosynthetic characteristics of heat-resistant and heat-sensitive recombinant inbred lines (RILs) of Lactuca sativa in response to different durations of LED lightingHe, Jie ; Kong, S. M.; Choong, Tsui Wei; Qin, Lin
2018A study of the thermotolerance of recombinant inbred lines of lettuce : productivity, root phenotyping, photosynthesis, rootzone ethylene accumulation and supplementary LED effectsChoong, Tsui Wei