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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Developing 21st century competencies through band: An exploratory study of the “Four Cs”Dairianathan, EugeneOnishi, Pamela Grace CostesTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling
Jun-2009Enforced spontaneity: Perspectives from non music-specialist tertiary students learning free improvisation in SingaporeDairianathan, EugeneStead, Eric Peter
1999Facing the music: an educational perspective in redesigning a core moduleDairianathan, Eugene
Jul-2008Improvisation and issues of formal and informal learning: A perspective from SingaporeDairianathan, EugeneStead, Eric Peter
Nov-2004Improvisation and music: Issues of assessmentDairianathan, EugeneStead, Eric Peter
2007Improvisation and the paradox of rehearsal: an exploratory study in SingaporeDairianathan, Eugene
Jul-2006Improvisation as real-time thinking and rehearsing: An exploratory study in SingaporeDairianathan, EugeneStead, Eric Peter
2016Learning through popular music, lessons for the general music programme syllabus in SingaporeDairianathan, EugeneHilarian, Larry FrancisStead, Peter, 1953-Lum, Chee HooNg, Hoon Hong
Jul-2009Lessons from Extreme metal musicians: a perspective from SingaporeDairianathan, Eugene
2005A narrative history of music in Singapore 1819 to the presentDairianathan, EugenePhan, Ming Yen
2012Popular music and the classroom; student teacher reflections in SingaporeDairianathan, EugeneHilarian, Larry Francis
Oct-2010Shuo Chang (说唱): Giving voice to and through Xinyao (新谣), a musical practice in SingaporeDairianathan, EugeneChia, Wei Khuan
2014South indian pop music and musiciansDairianathan, Eugene
2000Students' perceptions of experiential learning in the study of musical practicesCrawford, LachlanDairianathan, Eugene
Jul-2007'Vedic metal' : a discussion of global and local identity in the practice of extreme metal in the South-Indian community in SingaporeDairianathan, Eugene
2010Vedic metal: issues of local practice, popular music and educationDairianathan, EugeneLum, Chee Hoo
Jun-2009Vedic metal; Issues of local practice, popular music and educationDairianathan, Eugene
2018Video-based learning resources for Singapore music teachers: A development projectBautista, AlfredoChua, Siew LingDairianathan, EugeneWalker, ZacharyHo, Hui Ping.Yuen, Sandra D.Yong, DennyLiu, SimonDube, FrancisMarin, CristinaWong, Joanne XiuhuiTan, Clarence Puay Yon
2006The wind band ensemble in Singapore: Presence and practiceDairianathan, Eugene
Jul-2006The wind band ensemble, music and education; A perspective from SingaporeDairianathan, Eugene