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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2002Attitudes towards inclusion of intellectually disabled children in regular schoolsEe, Jessie; Soh, Kay Cheng
1994Attributional beliefs, goal orientations, strategic learning and achievement of primary 6 Singaporean studentsEe, Jessie
2003A comparison of Australian and Singaporean pre-service teachers' attitudes and concerns about inclusive educationSharma, Umesh; Ee, Jessie; Desai, Ishwar
Nov-2008Developing employability skills through SEL competency trainingChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Ee, Jessie; Lee, Ngan Hoe 
1999Diagnosing students with learning difficulties in mathematicsEe, Jessie
2002Differences in teacher feedback for HA and LD studentsEe, Jessie; Lourdusamy, A.
Mar-1991Effectiveness of count-on and count-up procedures for ESN children in SingaporeEe, Jessie
2005Empowering teachers with thinking skillsEe, Jessie; Lee, Ong Kim
Jun-2009Empowering trainee teachers with metacognitive knowledge and skills for proficient teaching practiceChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Ee, Jessie; Lee, Ngan Hoe 
1991Enhancing ESN children's understanding of additionEe, Jessie
2010How resilient are our graduate trainee teachers in Singapore?Ee, Jessie; Chang, Agnes Shook Cheong
Dec-1999How teachers relate to high-achieving studentsEe, Jessie
2009Infusing thinking and social-emotional learning through fablesEe, Jessie
2011A motivational analysis of project work in Singapore using self-determination theoryWang, John Chee Keng ; Liu, Woon Chia ; Koh, Caroline ; Tan, Oon Seng ; Ee, Jessie
Nov-2005Parents’ views on compulsory education of children with special needs in SingaporeEe, Jessie
2003Primary teachers' attributes and attitudes in SingaporeTeo, Chua Tee ; Ee, Jessie
2008Project work and life skills: Psychometric properties of the life effectiveness questionnaire for project workWang, John Chee Keng ; Neill, James T.; Liu, Woon Chia ; Tan, Oon Seng ; Koh, Caroline ; Ee, Jessie
1999Relationship among teachers’ classroom orientations, strategy-based instruction and students’ goal orientations, self-regulated learning and achievementEe, Jessie
Nov-1998Strategy-based instruction of primary six teachersEe, Jessie; Moore, Phillip J.
Nov-2008Students’ discourse and motivation in project workKoh, Caroline ; Wang, John Chee Keng ; Tan, Oon Seng ; Liu, Woon Chia ; Ee, Jessie