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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981Functions of basic operators in different mathematical systemsFong, Ho Kheong
1986How to teach the mathematical concept of variation in secondary mathematicsFong, Ho Kheong
1994Information processing taxonomy (IPT): An alternative technique for assessing mathematicalFong, Ho Kheong
1996An integrated approach for teaching mathematical problem solvingFong, Ho Kheong
1997Mathematical thinking strategies for solving challenging problemsFong, Ho Kheong
1998Mental arithmetic in the teaching of primary mathematicsFong, Ho Kheong
2000Novice and senior mathematics teachers: Any differences?Fong, Ho Kheong
2000Pre-service preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers in SingaporeChong, Tian Hoo; Fong, Ho Kheong
1988Preparing a mathematics achievement testFong, Ho Kheong
1998Pupils' competence in primary 4 and primary 6 mathematics assessmentsFong, Ho Kheong
1998Pupils' estimation skills and related mathematical abilitiesSiew, Kong Wai; Fong, Ho Kheong
1999Some generic principles for solving mathematical problems in the classroomFong, Ho Kheong
1999Strategic models for solving ratio and proportion problemsFong, Ho Kheong
1985The teaching of multiplication factsFong, Ho Kheong
1987Thinking strategies: Its effectiveness in the teaching of multiplication facts to low achievers of mathematicsFong, Ho Kheong
1987Using computers in the classroomFong, Ho Kheong
1987Using dissected pyramids to teach three-dimensional problemsFong, Ho Kheong
2002Using the computer to diagnose pupils’ difficulties in addition and subtractionFong, Ho Kheong
1988Using the computer to diagnose students' difficulties with fractionsFong, Ho Kheong
1988Variables affecting word problem solutions in primary mathematicsFong, Ho Kheong