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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2008Collaborative inquiry in co-constructing ICT-mediated curricula for Chinese literacy in Singapore contextWong, Lung Hsiang ; Gao, Ping; Chai, Ching Sing; Chin, Chee Kuen; Chung, Tze Min
2009Developing a better understanding of technology based pedagogyGao, Ping; Choy, Doris ; Wong, Angela F. L.; Wu, Jing
2010Developing leadership potential for technology integration: Perspectives of three beginning teachersGao, Ping; Wong, Angela F. L.; Choy, Doris ; Wu, Jing
Apr-2011Engaging preservice teachers in reflexive practice: Developing embodied understanding of technology integrationGao, Ping; Wong, Angela F. L.; Tan, Seng Chee ; Choy, Doris 
2009Moving from TV broadcasting to e-learning: Contributions of distance education to teacher education in ChinaGao, Ping; Zhang, Ruling
Dec-2010Nurturing preservice teachers’ understanding of technology-enhanced pedagogy through reflectionGao, Ping; Tan, Seng Chee ; Wong, Angela F. L.; Choy, Doris ; Wang, Long Long
2011Self reflection and preservice teachers’ technological pedagogical knowledge: Promoting earlier adoption of student-centred pedagogiesGao, Ping; Tan, Seng Chee ; Wang, Long Long; Wong, Angela F. L.; Choy, Doris 
Nov-2008Singapore's preservice teachers' perspectives in integrating information and communication technology (ICT) during practicumChoy, Doris ; Wong, Angela F. L.; Gao, Ping
Jun-2009V.S.P.O.W.: An innovative collaborative writing approach to improve Chinese as L2 pupils' linguistic skillsWong, Lung Hsiang ; Chin, Chee Kuen; Chen, Wenli ; Gao, Ping