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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Enactment of Singapore's mathematical problem-solving curriculum in Primary 5 classrooms: case studies of four teachers' practicesHo, Kai Fai
Nov-2005Mathematics education in Singapore: Tweaking the approachHo, Kai Fai; Tan, Preston; Lioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya
May-2007A professional development pathway for teachers to teach mathematics for, about and through problem solvingHo, Kai Fai
2005Students' metacognitive problem solving strategies in solving open-ended problems in pairsLioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya; Ho, Kai Fai; Hedberg, John G.
2005Teachers' pedagogies and their development of mathematical problem solvingHo, Kai Fai; Hedberg, John G.; Lioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya
Apr-2006Teachers’ pedagogies and mathematical problem solving in classroomsHo, Kai Fai
Sep-2005Teaching for problem solving, about problem solving or via problem solvingHo, Kai Fai
Nov-2006Teaching problem solving in a Grade 5 mathematics class: A tweak and its impact on formal assessmentHo, Kai Fai; Tan, Preston
Aug-2005Thinker-listener pair interactions to develop students’ metacognitive strategies for mathematical problem solvingLioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya; Ho, Kai Fai; Hedberg, John G.
Aug-2005Two teachers’ pedagogies in teaching problem solving in Singapore lower secondary mathematics classroomsHo, Kai Fai
May-2005An Understand, Strategize, Execute and Reflect (USER) Approach to the teaching of mathematical problem solving: one teacher’s experienceHo, Kai Fai; Tan, Preston; Hedberg, John G.