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2010Distributed emotions in the design of learning technologiesKim, BeaumieKim, Mi Song
2012Enriching multimodality in learning: Integrating computer modeling to support a learner generated topicKim, Mi SongLee, Wei ChingYe, XiaoxuanKim, Beaumie
2011Extrapolating from students’ preconception to “scientific” consensus: Singapore secondary students’ conversation on earthWang, XueliKim, BeaumieKim, Mi Song
Jun-2009Failures and successes in collaborative inquiry: Learning the physics of electricity with agent-based modelsPathak, Suneeta AnilKim, BeaumieJacobson, Michael J.Zhang, Baohui
Jul-2012Finding voices and emerging agency in classroom learningLee, Tuck LeongKim, BeaumieKim, Mi SongLee, Jason Wen Yau
2009Idea of ‘heat’ and students’ understanding of earth phenomenaWang, XueliKim, BeaumieKim, Mi Song
Jul-2012Learners as informants of educational game designKim, BeaumieTan, LyndeKim, Mi Song
Jul-2011Learners' ideas about plate tectonics and collaborative game playKim, BeaumieWang, XueliKim, Mi Song
Oct-2008Learning the physics of electricity with agent-based models: The paradox of productive failurePathak, Suneeta AnilJacobson, Michael J.Kim, BeaumieZhang, BaohuiDeng, Feng
2020Playing and learning with dinosaurs in and out of school boundaries: Games, discourse, shared spaces for Earth science educationKim, BeaumieKim, Mi SongLee, Tuck LeongLee, Jason Wen YauHo, Wing
Nov-2011Why we should design educational games with learners: The affordances of informant designKim, BeaumieTan, LyndeKim, Mi Song