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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Mindfulness, movement control, and attentional focus strategies: Effects of mindfulness on a postural balance taskKee, Ying HwaChatzisarantis, NikosKong, Veni Pui WahChow, Jia YiChen, Lung Hung
2017Overall preference of running shoes can be predicted by suitable perception factors using a multiple regression modelTay, Cheryl SihuiSterzing, ThorstenLim, Chen YenDing, RuiKong, Veni Pui Wah
2018Playing basketball on wooden and asphalt courts: Does court surface affect foot loading?Kong, Veni Pui WahNin, Darren ZijieQuek, Raymond K. K.Chua, Y. K.
2020Recommendations for statistical analysis involving null hypothesis significance testingHarrison, Andrew J.McErlain-Naylor, Stuart A.Bradshaw, Elizabeth J.Dai, BoyiNunome, HiroyukiHughes, Gerwyn T. G.Kong, Veni Pui WahVanwanseele, BenedicteVilas-Boas, J. PauloFong, Daniel Tik-Pui
2020The role of vision in maintaining stroke synchronization in K2 crew-boat kayakingKong, Veni Pui WahTay, Cheryl SihuiPan, Jing Wen
2018Segmented forefoot plate in basketball footwear: Does it influence performance and foot joint kinematics and kinetics?Lam, Wing KaiLee, Winson Chiu ChunLee, Wei MinMa, Christina Zong HaoKong, Veni Pui Wah
2020Stroke characteristics in sprint kayaking: How does seat order influence synchronization in a k2 crew boat?Tay, Cheryl SihuiKong, Veni Pui Wah
2015Subjective evaluation of running footwear depends on country and assessment method: A bi-national studyKong, Veni Pui WahLim, Chen YenDing, RuiThorsten, Sterzing
2020Test-retest reliability of a clinical foot assessment device for measuring first metatarsophalangeal joint quasi-stiffnessLeow, YixuanKong, Veni Pui WahLiu, YiminPan, Jing WenFong, Daniel Tik-PuiChan, Chi ChiuHeng, Marabelle Li-Wen
2019Trampoline versus resistance training in young adults: Effects on knee muscles strength and balanceTay, Zhong MingLin, Wei-HsiuKee, Ying HwaKong, Veni Pui Wah
2016Using gait parameters to detect fatigue and responses to ice slurry during prolonged load carriageTay, Cheryl SihuiLee, Jason K. W.Teo, Ya ShiFoo, Phildia Q. Z.Tan, Pearl M. S.Kong, Veni Pui Wah
2020Validity of a FBG-based smart sock system for measuring toe grip function in human footLeow, YixuanHeng, Marabelle Li-WenLiu, YiminFong, Daniel Tik-PuiChan, Chi ChiuKong, Veni Pui Wah
2018A video-based method to quantify stroke synchronisation in crew boat sprint kayakingTay, Cheryl SihuiKong, Veni Pui Wah