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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2010Integrating technology in the classroom: Favourable conditions for teachers' upward development trajectoriesChen, Fang HaoLooi, Chee-KitChen, Wenli
2018Interest-driven creator theory: Towards a theory of learning design for Asia in the twenty-first centuryChan, Tak-WaiLooi, Chee-KitChen, WenliWong, Lung HsiangChang, BenLiao, Calvin C. Y.Cheng, HercyChen, Zhi-HongLiu, Chen-ChungKong, Siu CheungJeong, HeisawnMason, JonSo, Hyo-JeongMurthy, SahanaYu, Fu-YunWong, Su LuanKing, Ronnel B.Gu, XiaoqingWang, MinhongWu, LongkaiHuang, RonghuaiLam, RachelOgata, Hiroaki
2006Introduction to special issue on the learning sciences: Capacity building, critical areas, and concerted impactLooi, Chee-KitHung, David
Nov-2009Knowledge building in second language learningChen, WenliWen, YunLooi, Chee-Kit
2013Labeling what some researchers are already doing: Design research updatedNorris, Cathleen A.Soloway, ElliotTan, Chun MingLooi, Chee-KitWong, Lung Hsiang
2-Dec-2019A learning analytics approach to model and predict learners’ success in digital learningKhor, Ean TengLooi, Chee-Kit
2000A learning ecology perspective for the internetLooi, Chee-Kit
2013Learning with collaborative inquiry: A science learning environment for secondary school studentsSun, DanerLooi, Chee-KitTeo, Evelyn Yi Leng
Oct-2008Leveraging knowledge building in seamless learning environmentsSeow, Peter Sen KeeSo, Hyo-JeongLooi, Chee-KitWong, Kevin
2006Linking the learning sciences to teacher education: Teachers' beliefs, professional development, and scalability issuesLooi, Chee-KitHung, DavidTan, Leo Wee Hin, 1944-
2007Meaning-making paths as a unit of analysis in synchronous chat environments: application of the collaboration interaction modelLooi, Chee-KitWee, Juan Dee
2017Measuring process and outcome of the scientific argumentation in a CSCL environmentChen, WenliLooi, Chee-Kit
Nov-2005Multi-tiered peer learning supportLooi, Chee-KitOng, Everest T.Wong, Lung Hsiang
2015Orchestration in learning technology research: Evaluation of a conceptual frameworkPrieto, Luis P.Dimitriadis, YannisAsensio-Pe´rez, Juan I.Looi, Chee-Kit
2010Principles and enactment of rapid collaborative knowledge building in classroomsLooi, Chee-KitChen, WenliPatton, Charles M.
Nov-2011Promoting sustainable teacher change during design research on seamless learningZhang, BaohuiWong, Lung HsiangSeow, Peter Sen KeeChia, GeanLooi, Chee-Kit
Jun-2008Rapid collaborative knowledge building: Lessons learned from two primary science classroomsNg, Foo KeongLooi, Chee-KitChen, Wenli
Jun-2008Re-inventing maths problem design: Using Guided Collaborative Critique (GCC) in chat environmentsWee, Juan DeeLooi, Chee-Kit
2012Reasoning and reformulating for linguistic knowledge improvement: A comparative case study in a CSCL classroomXie, WentingChen, WenliWen, YunLooi, Chee-Kit
2019Researching and developing pedagogies using unplugged and computational thinking approaches for teaching computing in the schools: How to teach computing without computers?Looi, Chee-KitWu, LongkaiSeow, Peter Sen KeeHuang, Wendy