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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2011Towards a model for rapid collaborative knowledge improvement in classroom language learningWen, YunLooi, Chee-KitChen, Wenli
Oct-2008Towards analysis of group interaction processes mediated by a rapid collaborative learning environmentLooi, Chee-KitChen, WenliTan, SiniWen, YunJuan, Dee Wee
2020Uncovering what matters in collaborative learning: Impact of teachers’ engagement in analytics to bring about knowledge building discourse.Teo, Chew LeeLooi, Chee-KitTan, Seng Chee, 1965-Tan, Boon Tee
Jun-2008Understanding elementary students’ emergent dialogical argumentation in scienceFoo, Seau YoonLooi, Chee-Kit
May-2006Using computer-based modelling for primary science learning and assessmentZhang, BaohuiWong, Lung HsiangChew, Lee ChinJacobson, Michael J.Looi, Chee-Kit
2018Using grey-based mathematical equations of decision-making as teaching scaffolds: From an unplugged computational thinking activity to computer programmingHow, Meng LeongLooi, Chee-Kit
Nov-2006Using mobile learning technologies for primary environmental education in Singapore schoolsZhang, BaohuiLooi, Chee-KitChen, WenliTan, Nicholas Yew LeeSeow, Sen KeeOh, Teck TiongChung, Tze Min
Jul-2011Utilizing a collaborative “Cross Number Puzzle” game on group scribbles to develop students’ computing ability of addition and subtractionChen, Yen-HuaChan, Tak-WaiLooi, Chee-KitShao, Yin JuanLin, Chiu Pin
Dec-1999Virtual project-based learning: A case study of Hong Kong and Singapore students’ collaborationAng, Daniel B. S.Chen, Ai-YenLooi, Chee-Kit
2014We are going to the ZOO! Virtual badges in formal out-of-school 1:1 learning journey with smartphonesBoticki, IvicaBaksa, J.Seow, Peter Sen KeeLooi, Chee-Kit